What Should a Man Wear to a Job Interview?

Everyone knows that first impressions count, but did you know that a thoughtfully chosen outfit can tip the odds in your favor during your job interview?

That’s because potential employers will take everything you say or do into account when assessing you, and they’ll also notice how you present yourself.

But, deciding which outfit to wear for a job interview is often as nerve-wracking as the interview itself. That’s why we’ve compiled a helpful guide to help you make the best impression possible on your prospective employers.

Begin with a Few Basic Pieces

The good news is that you don’t have to pore through fashion articles or spend an excessive amount of money to look good for your job interview.

Because men’s fashion is rather straightforward, you can begin by choosing a few essential pieces to convey your style, professionalism, and taste.

Colors and Layers

When you get a job interview, you might not know what the dress code for the company is. Generally, an interview with a startup usually means you can go for a more casual look. An Interview for a professional position, however, requires more formal attire.

A go-to outfit comprising a grey suit, a professional maroon mens dress shirt, and a sweater underneath will always look professional without looking too “uptight.”

The Light Jacket and Pants Combo

As a rule of thumb, find the middle ground between “business formal” and “business casual” if you’re unsure whether you need to dress casually or formally.

Wearing a khaki or light-colored blazer and color-coordinated pants will help you straddle the line between business casual and business formal. Khaki blazers appear less severe than black or grey suit coats, and they are highly versatile, too.

Wear a khaki blazer with a tie to lean more toward business formal, and ditch the tie when you want to look more casual.

The Sweater and Button-Down Shirt Combo

Layering a sweater over a button-down shirt is a classic if you’re looking for a business casual look. Choose sweaters that will match anything – like brown, navy, and black. 

For the button-down shirt, choose light blue, yellow, pink, green, or white. You can pair the sweater and button-down shirt with grey chinos or khakis, or you can opt for dark jeans for an even more relaxed look.

The Navy Blazer

Compared to a boring black suit coat, a navy blue blazer is a breath of fresh air. Keep a navy blue blazer in your interviewing arsenal for a versatile addition to shirts of almost any color.

Depending on the company’s dress code, pair it with a tie to achieve a more formal appearance – or leave the tie off. A navy blue blazer also looks good with chinos, grey slacks, or khakis – making it a timeless, professional-looking must-have in your wardrobe.

The Statement Tie

While you should avoid loud novelty ties, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Don’t be scared to experiment with a pop of color that compliments the rest of your interview ensemble.

You can opt to pair a striking tie with a button-down shirt and jacket or skip the blazer to achieve a professional look that still falls under business casual.



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