Vacation Packing Essentials – What To Take For A City Break

With uncertainty around travel interrupting our summer plans a city break in your own country is a pretty safe (and fun!) bet. Packing for a few days away can be a minefield. It’s so easy to take too much or too little. The balance between meeting luggage restrictions and having enough items to live with is tricky to master. Read on for our tops tips to help you perfect packing for short breaks away.


Pick your accessories wisely as they’ll be the hardest-working items in your luggage. Comfy sneakers are a must as you’ll likely be on your feet exploring but a pair of pretty summer sandals are needed for dinners at nice restaurants. A chunky belt can tie your outfits together and a floppy sun hat will protect you from the sun’s rays. Keep jewelry to a minimum as it is heavy and will take up valuable luggage weight. A small stack of bracelets, a simple necklace, and a pair of hooped earrings from the evening will be enough.


Do your research on your destination and find out the climate and weather. You don’t want to pack shorts and t-shirts for a cold destination or a raincoat for a sunny coastline. Consider the length of your trip and pack separates that work well together to create several outfits. For a warm but breezy city near the sea, pack some light linen wide-leg trousers in camel or neutral tones to protect you from an evening chill. A chic little black dress that can be worn from day to night is essential as it can be dressed up or down with minimal accessories. A one-piece bathing suit and some denim shorts can work as beachwear or as a travel outfit with a light jacket pulled over. Remember to pack enough underwear and socks for each day.

Beauty and Skincare

SPF is a necessity, even in a cloudy or cold area. Take miniatures of your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, and toothpaste. If you have an in-depth skincare routine, maintain it while you’re away but decant small amounts into little containers so that you’re not lugging around full-sized jars and bottles. If you can’t survive without a blow dry, call ahead and see if your hotel room has a hairdryer rather than bring your own.

Tech and entertainment

If you’re planning a trip worthy of the ‘gram you’ll want to make sure you have enough battery to photograph the evidence. Buy an organizer for your chargers and label them so you can find them quickly and easily. It will also help keep them from getting tangled in your bag. Take a kindle or book to read whilst you’re on the way there and back and keep a pack of cards handy for late-night games in a bar with your travel partner or new friends you’ve met along the way!

Are you taking a city break this summer? Let us know where you’re visiting in the comments!



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