And the Long Story of Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric Goes on!

You have a wardrobe full of dresses and no wonder that you don’t know what different prints your outfits have! And what other outfits are there in the world of fabrics! Even I didn’t know the unique never-ever-heard Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric & that is when I thought about what prints I was wearing.


Different choice of colors palettes defines the prints in an altogether different way. A good knowledge about the fashion prints and patterns and their significance is what stands as a major tool for fashion designers. Apart from the polka and floral prints; the world also loves flaunting the inimitable and unique style statement prints.

Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric

Pretty Polka



Polka prints have been making people go crazy about it ever since it was born. You pair a polka printed skirt with a simple button down shirt tucked in it along with the preppy boots and you are will be looking glamorous. Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric have to start with these polkas and it is important for fashion designers round the globe.

Awesome Ankara Prints



This is the African traditional design that is also famous as wax prints. Ankara prints grab all the weird and color blocking range of colors that doesn’t make eye feel the difference at first and then the prints! The prints include the designs right from the African tribe in vibrant color palate. It not only has fabric but Ankara also tops in jewelry ideas from Africa and socks and hats as well.

Flannel Glamour

    • Tartan is one of the most important prints ever introduced by the fashion designers and has been originated in Scotland. All the punks that you will come across on the NY streets and so in London; you will find one thing so exquisitely common. Yes; the tartan flannel idea in their fashion.



    • Windowpane flannel! Just the thin lines into checks but making larger boxes like a windowpane it is. Uncountable fashion statements have been made by fashion designers taking the fabric with windowpane flannel in hand and they rock.



    • Madras flannel is also among the list of Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric that was traditionally made in India. The part where the amazing bright colors are spilled on these prints is where people fall for these stunning prints.



    • Gingham Plaids has started rolling its wheels faster progressing in the glamour world. You will find at least 3 people wearing gingham out of 10 around you on the street from where the fashion comes.



Never Forget the Geometric



Geometric is not just a category but it beholds infinite Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric. It has circles and intersecting lines and triangles and Aztec to some extent as well. You may be more creative to pair the circle printed skirts with striped pant and there you go heavily sexy for a big fashionist day.

And Graphic!



Graphic tee and little dresses with glamorous prints in perfectly imperfect combinations of colors are becoming quite famous. How long can people take just that monotonous polkas and floral prints when there are other Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric designed by the fashionistas?

Animal Inspirations from the History



Our ancestors were undoubtedly intelligent since they started the trend of flaunting the animals’ skin. Though, we cannot get the real skin of animals forcing our urges to design the Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric like that.

Tribal Never Turns Old



Celtic and Aztecs and forest tribes about the flora and fauna brought the wide range of Types of Classic Prints and Patterns on Fabric for you. Bohemians also then designed something of their own and their fashion consists of darker color shades. African tribes and Asian as well and Mexican tribal artwork is praised by the fashion lovers.

Retro Prints!



The leaves and petals and circular designs that were the amazing trend then in the world of fashion are now back again with incomparable glam. Turn on the lights and open up the hands to grab these classy outfits tight making them the secret of your stylish fash.



Wake your slumberous desires cause of the same bad old fashion since now you know about the prints that maybe you ignored finding it weird. Grab the Ankara and striped ones and tribal chic and be the owner of your inimitable vogue statement.





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