Top 5 Looks For Summer 2020

Every year when the summer comes around, men and women alike ask themselves the same difficult question: what should I wear to survive the heat, and look stylish while at it?

It surely is a tough one to answer, especially when you factor in the constant changes and alterations in weather forecasts, as well as the very real sudden shifts from unbearable heat to pouring rain all in the same day. How is it even possible to plan an outfit for that kind of unpredictable weather?

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the very unusual nature of the first half of the year. As the coronavirus pandemic has forced the majority of the world’s population to spend the entirety of spring indoors, people will undoubtedly rush outside and utilize their new-found freedoms as the sanitary restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted. Combine that with the drastic surge in online shopping numbers, and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of people dying to show off their new threads purchased from websites such as and other internet retailers.

We’ve analyzed the current trends and buying patterns and came up with a list of five most popular clothes and accessories you should implement into your summer wardrobe to look fresh and awesome, regardless of whether you’re spending this season at work or vacationing!

Looks For Summer

Bermuda shorts

These comfy, slightly longer shorts have already made a comeback in recent years and it looks like they are here to stay! The Bermudas can actually vary in length, ending just below, right on, or slightly above the knee. They look great on females as well as male legs and are sure to turn a few heads if you wear the right ones, combined with the right shoes and shirt.

Do not settle for any old, boring bermudas — they’ve made a comeback thanks to being featured in fashion shows organized by high-end designers like Max Mara. While you certainly don’t need to splash ungodly amounts of cash for pants created by the hottest names in the industry, you should consider getting shorts with visible patterns, such as stripes, or in noticeable colors, like pink.

White dresses

This one is for the ladies only — simplicity and minimalism will most likely never go out of style due to how practical and easy to compose such simple outfits are. One of the hottest trends for this spring/summer season are white summer dresses.

Plain and simple. This is one of the most prominent mantras in fashion and one that you can never go wrong with when planning out your outfit. Long, but thin and allowing your body to breathe during the hottest months, plain white cotton dresses are looking like they’re going to dominate this summer!

Pink and orange

Color combinations are always changing and it is never safe to assume that a certain scheme will remain in style indefinitely. Well, maybe except neutral ones, such as black or white. The latest purchasing trends as well as fashion week shows from the latter part of 2019 have proven that pink and orange are going to establish a strong presence on the beaches and boardwalks throughout the summer. Playful and attention-grabbing, this color scheme will resonate particularly well with the brave souls out there.


Sportswear and athletic clothing has snuck into the world of fashion via the backdoor a long time ago. No one is surprised by the fact that the most famous and prominent designers of our times implement sporty aspects into their projects — remember when dad shoes became the biggest trend back in 2017?

This summer, it seems like drawstrings are going to be the “inelegant” addition to many wardrobes. Cleverly placed along clothes like dresses or crop tops, they can unexpectedly change up your entire look with a simple pull. Not to mention the fact that they can look insanely cool all by themselves, like on this dress.

Knit polos

One might argue that they never really went out of style, however, it is true that we’ve been noticing polos less and less on the streets in recent years, especially on women. The time has come to change that. Starting this summer, knit polos are expected to make a huge comeback — especially those with a classic design with a modern spin, like horizontal stripes of varying colors and lengths.

With or without buttons, plain-colored or with looney patterns, it was about time that the streets reclaimed polo shirts from country-club goers and posh high school uniforms. These classic pieces of clothing will serve you well, whether you put them on for a sightseeing trip or whip one out for the weekly Casual Friday whenever we’re allowed to go back to the offices. One thing’s for sure — if you don’t own any polos yet, do yourself a favor and get some before it’s too late!



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