Top 5 Fashion Tips that will Help You Appear Taller

Unfortunately, in life, there are things we don’t have control over; height is one of those uncontrollable things. Even though height is something of minimal importance to most, it still affects men’s wellbeing. There are several ways that men can dress to make themselves look taller.

With this said, you have to be careful when shopping for your clothes. One thing you need to have in mind is that learning how to dress well is a journey. Therefore, take it slow, be easy on yourself, and embrace relevant changes that you might be required to change.

Read on to learn things that you can incorporate to make you appear tall.

Getting Shoes with the Right Insoles

The type of insole you choose will also matter if you are looking to appear taller. It would be best to know that standard insole does not help gain an inch to your height. Therefore, consider getting height increasing insoles. It would be hard for people to see that you have the insoles on because of how they are designed.

To use these insoles, you just put them in your shoes. Due to the height increment, you will have confidence in yourself, helping you go about your daily duties without fear of judgment.

Wear Fitting Clothes

Notably, less fitting clothes will tend to stretch your silhouette horizontally. It will then make you look wide, which gives a shorter look. To elongate your figure, wearing fitting clothes is the way to go. This does not mean that you should entirely settle for skinny-fitting clothes but go for tailored pieces closer to the body.

To have fitting clothes means that you avoid sleeves that go past your sleeves. You also need to ensure that your trousers are not long that they over your shoes. Therefore, you can choose to take your clothes to be trimmed by your trusted tailor. Another alternative will be to buy new tailored clothing to fit your size.

Consider a Monochromatic Color Scheme

You ought to be cautious of the colors you choose for your top and bottom clothes. It would be best that you avoid going for contrasting colors when selecting pieces to wear. Going for darker shades will work best to make you look slimmer, which will help you appear taller.

It works best if you choose to wear the same color from top to bottom. By wearing different colors, it gives an impression that you are shorter, which you are trying to avoid, as it breaks your body into individual parts. If you aren’t a fan of the color black, you can choose other solid colors such as red.

Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Without a doubt, by choosing the right hairstyle, you can add an inch to your height, making you look taller. A mistake done by men to make them look taller is by combing their hair upwards. This is not a way to help as it often comes out as if compensating for the height you are lacking.

A preferable style for men will be short hair. This will help you look taller as the type helps lengthen your chin and neck. Even when going for a short hair look, ensure to get much attention to the top of your head. To achieve this, leave more hair on the top by trimming the sides.

If you have long hair and don’t want to cut it, you can opt for a man bun. For this, you’ll have to comb your hair backwards and hold it with a bow. When selecting a hairstyle to make you look taller, ensure that you are comfortable with it.

Work on the Mental Aspect

One of the essential things you have to work on is your confidence level. It will help if you are appreciative of your height. Therefore, going for yoga sessions will be best for you. You might be wondering whether the sessions will help you look taller than usual, right?

Well, what yoga does is that it helps you maintain a good posture. The sessions facilitate the building of your bone strength which stretches out your spine. As a result of this, you may appear taller. It would, therefore, be best that you regularly go for yoga sessions to achieve the best results.

Final Words

There are numerous aspects that will help you appear taller. Therefore, while improving your fashion sense, make sure that you are confident about yourself and the changes you incorporate. Making significant changes to your wardrobe and mind is hence an essential step to take.

As stated, changing how you approach your height is a process. To enjoy the journey, make sure that you are comfortable with the changes that you incorporate. You can seek inspiration for other individuals as this helps you know whether you are making the right move.

This said, always know that there is nothing wrong with you just the way you are.



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