8 Amazing Tips To Increase Your Hair Growth

Have you ever met a girl who is satisfied with her hair texture and length? After all, who doesn’t crave for long lustrous hair? But mostly due to inadequate nourishment and damage problem, the natural growth of our hair is hindered.

Friends! Today, in this guide you will learn some amazing tips to increase your hair growth as one cannot grow butt-length hair overnight. But here’s the good news for you all – you can actually speed up the process a bit by following these easy tips and see the astonishing results on your own.

Amazing Tips To Increase Your Hair Growth


Say Goodbye To Stress.


Stress results in n number of ill effects on your health and hair fall are one among them. Excessive stress caused due to work or personal problems disrupts the hair cycle, refraining fast hair growth. To overcome stress-related problems, it’s better to get yourself indulged in yoga, meditation, and other breathing exercises.

Brush Your Hair Gently.


Aggressive brushing can actually cause hair fall and physically damage your hair preventing it from looking long. Well, it simply depends on the brush you use. Using the right brush like the boar bristle brush increases the blood circulation of your scalp. And, seriously! Make sure that you’re combing your hair for at least 50 times before you go to bed at night.

Give Your Scalp Massage.


Looking for amazing tips to increase your hair growth? Regular scalp massage not only helps to stimulate blood circulation but it also mobilizes oils from the scalp that strengthens the roots and enhances the chances of your hair grow long and healthy. Make sure you massage in a circular motion.

Make Your Own Egg Mask.


For quick and natural hair growth, this trick is quite useful. Eggs contain the high level of proteins which help in the formation of new, thick hair. An egg mask rich in grape seed oil encourages hair growth and prevent hair damage.

Don’t Use Heat Styling Tools.


Drying hair with a hair dryer weakens the hair shaft and leads to excessive damage. Similarly, other heat styling tools like – curling irons, hot rollers, and flat irons is also not a safe choice, if you dream for good-looking hair. After the shower, pat your hair dry with a towel smoothly.

Avoid Harsh Hair Treatments.


Have you ever thought that dyeing, chemically straightening and bleaching is an actual cause of hair damage? You need to learn to love your natural look when you’re trying to grow it out, as it’s another amazing tip to increase your hair growth. Not only this, but you should also avoid braided hairstyles.

Stay Hydrated.


Dehydration is a major cause of hair dryness that ultimately leads to breakage. Don’t you think? It’s more difficult to manage your hair into the longer style when your hair breaks and frays. So, stay hydrated and try replacing coffee, soda and other drinks with water as much as possible.

Eat Biotin.


For proper hair growth, Vitamin B is very necessary. To make sure you get plenty of rich vitamin B in your diet, you must eat the following food items – avocados, eggs, nuts, meat products, and wheat bran. You can even consider taking a biotin supplement.

At last, we conclude that hair is often associated with beauty and reflects your personality, which is why it becomes important for women to always have little extra that will help transform their hair form well to look absolutely stunning. Besides these amazing tips to increase your hair growth, there are several other useful methods for hair growth that create a huge impact on hair health and encourage it to become thick, long and strong.



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