10 Vital Things To Consider Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

If the menu is not yet ready, you freak out, if the invitations have not gone out to few people, you are on your toes to ensure it goes. If the décor is not yet finalized, you start to panic! But hey, relax woman! Everything will fall into place, and for all this, you can have people take care of it.

Well, now that we have caught your attention there, we know that getting a hold on your dream gown can be quite daunting. Haven’t we all always imagined our gowns when we saw movies and celebrities having amazing pieces of gowns depicted? While you may have a lot of requirements, we also would like to make you aware of Things to Consider Before Buying your Wedding Dress


Things To Consider Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Every Body Type Is Different


First things first, and that is why let us look at the different types of gowns you might have to choose based on your body type. If you are thin and tall, you could opt for ball gowns or the mermaid trumpet style. On the other hand, if you are not very tall, and fall under the petite category, then an empire waist gown or A-line princess gowns would fit perfectly to match your body type. You can always ask gown experts for this before you settle for the gown type.

Do Your Homework


Oh yes, brides also have homework to do (wink). This means that it is always better for you to go prepared of what you want rather than going as an empty chalkboard. Be it online sources or a rough sketch of what you have imagined as your wedding gown, have an idea in your head before you walk into the wedding dress store.

Be Open For Changes


While we highly recommend that you do your research and go before you actually start your shopping, it is also important for you to keep your mind and heart open for changes. Like, your wedding gown, as imagined may be found, but the veil you thought of, may not actually match the dress – and you might have to be open for ideas from the expert.

There May Be Hidden Costs


While it is important for you to fix a budget for your wedding dress, it is necessary for you to also acknowledge the fact that there may be certain hidden charges – you may not be aware of them unless they come to you. These may include small things like dress alteration, or just as simple as you like an accessory, that you think would go perfectly well with your gown.

Have The Perfect Fitting


When you give your measurements for the finalized dress, please do not go loose or tight. Ensure that it is just perfect from all places. You have to buy the fact that you may not be able to make huge differences to your weight and body type from the time you finalize the dress to your final wedding day. Hence, do not keep room for extra fittings at the last moment.

Fall In Love With The Dress Before You Expect Someone Else To


Yes, that we think, is one of the most important things you must consider. Once you have finalized your dress, you MUST fall in love with it, so that you are happy about it from your heart and mind. This happiness will thus, reflect on your face and will add charm to the dress. Only when you love what you are wearing, people will also have faith and fall in love with your dress and you.

Try A Lot Of Options Before Settling In For One


Yes! That’s the key to the perfect dress. Do not settle for the very first dress that you like. Go for different options, sizes, colors, and patterns. Go to different stores and malls to have a try on available options. If need be, take pictures and sit and compare all of them. Finally, select the best.

Trial Is The Key


You cannot select a dress, just by the mere look of it. It may look great when you see it, but may not suit you when you wear it. So, the trial is the key here my friend. It may be quite a daunting task, but it is extremely important for you to try it out before you settle for it.

Do Not Go Off Theme


Always keep the theme in mind. If you have a beach wedding, you cannot go for a princess fairytale wedding gown and vice versa. Hence, either decide the theme based on your dress or go reverse – choose the dress based on the theme.

Ditch The Stress


Last but not least, go stress-free when you go for your wedding dress shopping. Yes, you might have a lot of stress and pressure to find the perfect gown, but leave them at the door of the store and enter with an open mind to select the best one.


Well, it is your dream day, so do not compromise. Spend a lot of time before you finalize the best.



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