The RealReal Is Going To Sell Beauty Products This Year

The RealReal, the luxury resale e-commerce that operates a brick and mortar location SoHo, and a pop-up in Manhattan and LasVegas respectively. The Real Real is now testing beauty and has added a wide range of beauty products to the assortment of goods it sells. As of now, these beauty products are being sold in both the outlets of RealReal in Manhattan and Las Vegas as well.

Rati Levesque, the chief merchant at The RealReal, said that they were curating a whole range of beauty products for sale both online and in their brick and mortar locations with the sole goal of completing the customer’s journey. This company wants the luxury customers to view them as a trusted destination for finding the most amazing and covetable selection of luxury products across many categories ranging from clothing to beauty. This company is aiming at offering all the luxury products ranging from clothing to beauty to make their customer service a complete one. They have also said that presently, they are still in the newborn stage of a business and are planning to invest heavily in categories ranging from clothing to beauty in the coming few months.

Some sources are also saying that these products are being sold to the company directly and are not being sold via any other third party distributor or so. Among the many retailers that enter into the beauty space, The RealReal is one of the latest apparel retailers to do so. Companies like Anthropologie, Free People etc., have also focused much on manufacturing and selling products that appeal to the millennial crowd. Many retailers are working towards establishing themselves as millennial-friendly brands.

Also, many industry experts do agree upon the fact that the best way to attract all the millennial born crowd towards their brick-and-mortar stores, these beauty products are the best way to do so.

This company is a one of the leading luxury business company which has built itself by entering into the industry by revolutionizing one consignment at a time and thereby increased the consignments and the impact. The entrepreneur and CEO Julie Wainwright built the company from scratch while working from her kitchen table. This company has had modest beginnings and managed to reach a situation where have been the pioneers in the luxury industry. With this company entering into beauty as well, there will be exciting changes and developments regarding products from it which the industry is looking forward to witnessing. It today is one of the premier sites on the internet for luxury consignments. This company expanded from a single woman working from her house to over 600 employees working all over the United States of America.

With their unique and creative thought process like recognizing the lifecycle of luxury and building a sustainable business in luxury consignments, this company has time and time again established itself as a company that can achieve its goals and dominates the market. The industry is now eagerly looking forward for RealReal’s products in beauty.



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