Stand Out From The Crowd At Your Prom: Four Top Tips

Thinking ahead to your prom can fill you with butterflies indicating both nerves and excitement. If you are the type of girl who wants to get noticed, carry on reading. Here we bring you four top tips on how you can stand out from the crowd at your prom – no crazy stunts necessary!

Flawless skin

Teenage skin is no fun. However, you can minimize the impact your hormones have on your skin by adopting a skincare regime. Of course, it is imperative to do so well in advance of the event; otherwise, it won’t have had time to take effect. In addition to this, check out specific looks you’d like to sport by having make-up trials far in advance. With problem skin, enlisting the help of a qualified MUA is often advised as they can tell you which products are best for covering up acne breakouts.

Stunning outfit

Standing out does not have to mean being noticed because you are dressed in something completely off the wall. Of course, if that’s what you would prefer to do, it’s entirely your choice. However, a stunning prom dress will certainly turn more heads for all the right reasons. We adore these 2021 Sherri Hill prom dresses, which will take some beating. There is a wide range in a variety of styles, lengths and colors – certainly something for everyone. Bear in mind that whatever you wear ought to be comfortable. If you feel it necessary to breathe in your tummy for the entire evening, you won’t be able to fully enjoy yourself. The same must be said for footwear. Of course, most girls will want to have towering high heels to feel empowered, but if you are going to retire from the dancefloor with blisters after an hour, you may have ruined your special night.


Everyone knows that an outfit alone does not make the best of impressions. The added extras, the bag, the jewelry, the glitz and glam that you add to your hair, all give you something special, something that helps you to achieve your goal: to stand out from the crowd. And while you’ve most likely gone for something sophisticated for your dress, there is nothing to stop from you going for something with a quirky edge for your accessories. Plastic fantastic earrings can add interest to your look. Alternatively, a sparkling bag with an added kitsch keyring could give you an edge no one else does. Ultimately, you know the look you want to achieve, and the right accessories can support you to achieve that.


Finally, consider the mode of transport you wish to employ for your arrival on the biggest night of your life so far. While some may hire (or already have one at home!) a flashy sports car, others will choose a more unusual vehicle, such as a tractor, a vintage bus, or even a horse-drawn carriage. Whatever you opt for, be sure to check that you will be able to get in and out in a ladylike fashion without ruining all your hard work with your hair, make-up, and outfit.



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