10 Smart Tips to Follow while Shopping for Accessories and Attires in Dubai

When you are going to an exotic location for a blissful vacation, you bet you gotta look exotic yourself. You know you will need warm clothes when you are going to snowy mountains and you know you will need sexy bikinis for those beaches. But when that location is luxurious Dubai, you will most likely be confused about what to pack. Especially if it’s your first visit to this cosmopolitan city located in the United Arab Emirates, which is known for its luxury spas, shopping, beaches, and romantic Arabian sands. Isn’t that such a dilemma! But lose that frown, girl because today we will give you some Smart Tips to Follow while Shopping for Accessories and Attires in Dubai.

Would you need to cover your hair? Can you wear a bikini on the beach or at a waterpark in Dubai? Can you wear shorts and short dresses in Dubai? These are some of the questions that I am sure must be bugging you. Not to mention the factor that the weather in the city is really hot, like 50 degrees Celsius hot in summer. But Dubai is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. So you really have no need to squirm in worry. Just make sure to keep these smart tips in mind and you will be ready for the Arabian paradise. And when we talk about luxurious clothing, few names suddenly strike to our mind & Karl lagerfeld is undoubtedly at the Top.

Smart Tips to Follow while Shopping for Accessories and Attires in Dubai

Avoid Plunging Necklines

Although Dubai is very relaxed when it comes to clothing, showing too much cleavage is frowned upon. So make sure you don’t buy dresses or tops that will show too much of your girls. Stay away from sheer dresses or tops as well since they might make the locals cringe.  

Shorts Shouldn’t Be Too Short

You can wear shorts but not the ones that barely cover your bum. Same goes with the skirts. So better not buy booty shorts, mini-skirts (that should actually be called micro skirts), or hot shorts that will reveal more than it is appropriate. Also, it would be better if you don’t pack any ripped jeans. 

Keep Your Dresses At least Knee-length Long

There is no issue in wearing tops and dresses with no sleeves or short sleeves but keep the dresses and skirts to at least knee-length long. Dresses that end a little above the knee are also fine but just to be on the safer side, keep them in the knee-length zone so that you meet the dress code of a particular place.

Pack Scarf, Shawl or Cardigan

Shopping malls in Dubai have a dress code. So to avoid a situation where you are asked to cover up, pack a scarf or a jacket that will cover your shoulders in case you are wearing top or blouses that bare your shoulders. Summer clothes are an ideal choice for Dubai but you might want a sweater or cardigan for nights. Nights there are cooler! 

No Skimpy Brazilian Thongs Please

In Dubai, you can wear any swimwear you want as long as you wear them only at beaches or pools. But it is better not to pack any skimpy Brazilian thong for public beaches. Also, if you think you can wear swimwear while sitting at the beach side cafes then it is preferred for you to cover up with shorts and a top or a sundress.

Better Pack Some Kaftan and Maxi

You could never go wrong with a kaftan or maxi dress in Dubai. For fancy places like restaurants or bars, opt for something classy as well as elegant. These places have semi-formal or formal dress codes so pack maxi dresses and jumpsuits or rompers, and don’t forget to add a designer bag to finish the ensemble.

Pick a Few Attires That Won’t Bare Your Skin

There are some Mosques in Dubai which are open to the public. So it is a no-brainer that you have to wear modest attire for such tours. Choose pants and trousers or maxi skirts or dresses that would cover your legs, shoulders, back, cleavage and midriff and a scarf to cover your head.

Don’t Forget Sunglasses or Sunscreen

If you are going to Dubai, you will most likely be going for the desert safari. You can wear soft linen pants, shorts or Capri pants with a t-shirt or blouse but don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and stock up on sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Packing a cap or a hat would also be a thoughtful notion and please pack a jacket if you are going in the colder months. Because though the desert will be sizzling by day, by night you will be shivering.

Opt For Comfy Footwear

You will be doing a lot of walking so make sure you have comfortable shoes all packed up. Sneakers, sandals, a pair of flip flops for the beach are a must. And if you are planning to visit a night club then you better pack some sexy heels. Because there might be some fancy places which will allow you inside only if you are wearing heels. But who are we kidding? We can’t survive without our heels!

Bring in Some Statement Jewelry

With classy attires you are definitely going to look chic but packing some statement pieces of jewelry will add more glam to the whole look. So add accessories like jewelry, belt, etc. to your shopping list. It is not just about fashion but also culture. I believe that one should always be respectful to the local habits of the country they are visiting. And by dressing respectfully you show regards to their local culture. And if that means dressing modestly so be it. And hey, even in modest attire one can look sexy and exotic!



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