7 Times that Scarf is the Life Saver When your Wardrobe Fails!

This is life and shit happens! This is life and it is possible that you would find nothing to wear. Please, don’t panic babe. You have the scarf that you bought yesterday for $5. Trust me; you are going to be saved by this scarf in the way you never would have imagined. You could make whatever you want with this one thing and look gorgeous as hell. Top? Yeah; why not! Dresses in wrap style and the skirts; this Scarf is the Life Saver When your Wardrobe Fails and gives you whatever you name!


Scarf is the Life Saver when your Wardrobe Fails!

Draped Skirt



This idea of skirt is long lasting when you either take the scarf of stretchable fabric and make a no sew draped skirt for a sassy look. Simply roll it around the waist and twist the scarf thereby tucking it where it ends. You may also make the asymmetrical skirt just like that.

Halter Top!



Take a scarf. Put it around your neck as in its two ends are in the front. Now, holding the ends put a cross through the chest covering the bust thereby rolling it around the waist. Now, simply the just put a knot to secure the end. And there is your halter top with sexy and strategic cut outs.

Crop Top



Hold scarf in one dimension and start wrapping it from the back like you wrap towel after bath. Bring the ends of scarf to the front and put a knot on the centre of the cleavage. Pull the loose ends to the back again and putting a knot will give a sexy and attractive crop top. Maybe this would be your favorite outfit to carry on a romantic date night.

Get Beach Ready



Yeah, you look hot when you take beach bath and come out water. And this beach wrap is what going to make you look more stunning when you are not into the water. Simply take a scarf and put a knot wrapping it around the waist will give an elegant skirt with your beach wardrobe.

Wrap Skirt



Pulling the scarf from the back and tucking the left end to the right side of the waist and vice versa for the other end give you a ready to go look. Take scarf with bigger width and wrap it around to get a longer skirt. You would love taking this dapper appearance to your office as well. Just grab some classy top to pair with it.

Waterfall Drape Top



Take a square scarf grab its upper two corners putting a knot at the back of the neck. Now pull the bottom corners at the back thereby putting a knot over there as well. You must be ready with a nice blazer if you are not ready for a backless drape top. Isn’t it smart how you dress in less than a minute? Pair it with some classy pant and trust me you will rock this look; may it be casually or professionally.

Sexy Mini Dress



Check out the minimalist dress look made out of just one scarf with classy colors and handsome prints. I am sure you will love it. Perfect pair of shoes whatever look it is that you want. Ballerinas will be classy and preppy boots will be the best street style inspiration for the fashionistas around. You cannot miss taking the stunning necklace on with this amazing scarf outfit ideas.

Scarf No Sew Cardigan



You are bored of wearing jacket and blazer all the time but this scarf is here with an amazing trick of making cardigan in a minute giving you yet another classy look on your finger tips.

Indeed, this little thing is doing wonders in the fashion world giving life saving intelligent wardrobe hacks when your outfit doesn’t play nice with your mood. Don’t neglect the scarves as you walk in the market, instead buy one extra since this is what going to bring your fashion to new point.






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