10 Rules to Be Kick Ass in Life and Become Exemplary

There comes is a time in our life when we feel lost. It feels like there is nothing more left to do. However, if you give up on life at this time, you will be called a loser! It is said, “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. So, instead of feeling low and getting high, why not take a 180-degree turn and make your life worthwhile?

Well, it is easy to say but where and how to start, now that is difficult. However, if you train your mind to be productive and not fall into traps of the unworthy deeds of the mortal worlds, you can become exemplary! Do you want to have a kickass attitude towards all the situations in your life? Here are Rules to Be Kick Ass in Life and Become Exemplary! With this, here are Things You Can Practice to Feel Confident Again!


Rules to Be Kick Ass in Life and Become Exemplary 

Failure Is Just The Beginning So See It That Way


Often people are let down by failures! Seldom have they seen that they were the lessons, once learned and you become invincible! Think of it like this, when you were a baby and had just learned to walk, there were thousands of times that you fell, but that thousand attempts to get up and try again made you walk by your own today. So why did the “ego” or “ignorance” had to step in when you face failure? It is just the beginning and you will do wonderful once you get up and face it! in addition, here are Proven Tips to Living a Happier Life!

Mistakes Are Attempts You Should Learn Form


As you get up and get over the failure, do not forget that it was meant to teach you something. There was a little thing that you did wrong or that did not work out and hence you need to find it, analyze it and learn from it! with this, here are Happy Living: How To Smile Despite Struggles!

No Chasing Means No Getting


Yeah we know that you attract what you want, however, you are not supposed to just sit there and do nothing. When they say about the law of attraction that means we want something, we think of it, we feel for it and then we work towards it! this means that you should always chase your goal! With this, here is an answer to What Makes Divination Legit? | Methods, Experience & Science Behind It!

Do More Than Is Expected Of You


Life is about giving, and in that, you will find your joy! Often we are disappointed in the way we were expecting something of someone and they turned it done. However, have you ever thought someone must have felt the same way about you too? To be kickass, do good to others, moreover, do more than what they thought you would do and do not expect it back. And here is how to Achieve a Happy-Confident You with These 6 Trendy Ways

Knowledge Should Be Free


Well, the best things in life are free, however, that has not been the same anymore! The world is doing a business of everything that they can put their hand upon. However, that does not mean you should sail in the same ship! Help others with the knowledge you have and experience the joy of giving! And Learn How to Overcome When You Are Too Overwhelmed?

Work By Questioning, Not Assumptions


The essence of being a human being is that we can question and reason everything! So why not put that talent to work? reason everything you want and if someone tells you not to, well, just ignore them! And here are 10 Things A Woman Notices About A Man!

Keep The Past In The Past Resting In Peace

Did you have a bad relationship in the past? Or some accident that you fear? Well, it’s happened already! Why do you have to think of it and ruin the moment you are living in! the past it dead and it necessary to let it rest in ace so that you can enjoy the present to the fullest! With this, here is How to Survive a Narcissistic Mother!

Don’t Think A Lot, Take Action


Thinking is good, overthinking is not! Often overthinking leads to confusion and consumes time. You have thought over the thing from all aspects now it’s time to take action before it’s too late! And here are Psychological Disorders That Everyone Must Be Aware Of!

Oh! You’re Unique!


Do not compare yourself with others! This is must to live a kickass life! You are unique, one of a kind and special! You will have your glory when it’s your time and your hard work will pay off! Do not compare yourself to others for their struggles are different! And here are Ways On How To Be A Better Man and an Inspiring Person!

Stay Consistent


Consistency is the key to everything! No matter how hard you work, if it is not consistent, it is not going to work! whatever you do, maintain a pattern for it and put efforts in that direction. Success will be yours! Do you know How Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Skin? Check it out!

So these were the Rules to Be Kick Ass in Life and Become Exemplary! We hope that it could get you the right kind of motivations to step out and make a difference! With this, here are Ways to be Happier From Buddha’s Handbook!



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