10 Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Belly Fat – Glamour be Yours!

Congratulations for that so-cute little bundle of joy! You’re a mother now! Now, life will be back on the track as it was nine months ago. You might be happy for this new-life and thankful to the almighty for everything but you’d not be happy seeing that fluffy loose belly which was a sexy-flat before. Don’t worry love! This post is entirely dedicated to all mommies so are the Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Belly Fat. Get ready to bring back that glamour once again. No more mummy tummy!
In order to rebuild your core after the pregnancy and getting back that well-shaped belly do follow the below given exercises. Tip- make sure to empty your stomach before exercising as this would help you with contraction and expansion of stomach muscles.

Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Kegels exercises:
Well, it’s not just about reducing belly fat but much more than that. Kegels exercises are widely popular among women and men for abdominal health reasons. To do so, find out the exact muscle you want to work on and make sure to empty your bladder first. Now, lay down and squeeze that muscle for 6-7 seconds and release and repeat.

Boat yoga:If you’re serious about getting the ripped abs then you better be working hard! Yoga boat Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Loose Belly Fat may look easy but it’s not at all as this will really work on your core abs region, flatten them, strengthen them and chisel them. Lay down on the floor, lift your feet and head simultaneously meanwhile exhaling the air and hold this boat position for 5-7 seconds and then you can increase the time.

Plank position:
This sexy looking Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Loose Belly Fat is terribly popular among celebs and is a new trend! Plank position will directly affect your abs, abdominal, shoulder and hips. In order to do so, make a press position and balance the weight on your elbows and forearm, keeping yourself constant in this position for 10-12 seconds.

Indulge yourself into swimming:
That’s fun and healthy! Yeah, sometimes you may find doing yoga or workout boring but this won’t happen in pool. While swimming you got to maintain breathing, pushing the water back, moving hands and legs, consequently you will end up with burning many calories and hence a sexy belly.

Diagonal sit ups:
Get ready to activate your core muscles with this Post-Pregnancy Exercises to Loose Belly Fat. First, lie on your back and make sure to bent the knees and raise your head and left side shoulder and keep exhaling slowly slowly and move your head and shoulder diagonally against the bent knee. Repeat it from other side.

Aerobic for mummy tummy:
Anything need to say about this entertaining and fun exercise. If you want some companions to hit the floor and sweat together just because you’re a lazy one, join aerobic classes to reduce the mummy tummy and the stress as well.

Don’t forget the crunches:
If you’re not well with the backache, ask your doc before doing this exercise! Lie on your back and bent the knees keeping your feet flat horizontally on the floor. Now, pull your abdominal precisely and exhale the air slowly and hold on yourself to this pose for 2-3 seconds and now come back to the rest position and repeat it.

Walking to sweat:
You have been on rest for many months so had no sweat and ultimately you got fat. Walking or jogging is the simple and best way reduce baby-fat, moreover, this will shape your waist and hips. So, get your ear-plug and hit the favorite song and walk to the sweat.

Fast belly breathing:
It takes weeks your muscles to get relaxed after delivery. Don’t you dare thinking of joining a gym just after the few days of baby-birth. Your muscles have to be healed and relaxed first. So, sit straight, breathe deeply as much as you can and throw it out and repeat! This exercise will tone your abs and strengthen your belly.

In case you can’t workout, just focus on your belly:
So, you’re done with baby-birth and now you got to cook, wash  and other households, right?  While cooking on counter table, lifting your baby, or a bucket just keep in mind that energy must be come from the abdominal, you got to just feel it, be aware of it, conscious about it. This will get you into muscle memory and help you out with getting flat belly.

Apart from jogging, walking and doing yoga, you better make yourself happy and stressed out. Follow a diet plan, go out with your hubby and laugh and play and so on and so forth. Stay tune with us!



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