10 Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring 2018 to be on your Radar

Spring is the seasons of colours and that’s when nature shows all of the colors via earth, sky and air! Spring means reviving to everything that belongs to us so what are you going to try this year’s spring. Indeed, there’re uncountable ideas and hacks that you can be inspired by to change your overall look. Ladies, if you’re going to make this year memorable then you must go for a brand new stylish hair colour and in order to help you out with that, FO2 (fashiondioxide) brought you up ten must-try hair colour ideas for spring 2017!

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring11

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring

Usually, all of us (including me, wink!) follow what our favourite celebs wear, how they look, and everything. So, when you’re about to change your look (of course changing hair colour will do that) you might hustle or worry, knowing the types and terms of exact colour you saw last time, so this post can assist you better way with that issue. Moreover, check out the messy hairstyles for this year!  

Go wild with Blonde-Gray:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring1

Yeah! This hair-colour may seem unfamiliar to you and but that could be your best ever hair-colour for this spring season. Blonde-grey colour can make your look exotic with its base as black colour as in roots and slightly grey-ish shades on the upper portion of the hairs.

Introduce yourself to Overgrown Roots:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring2

Dark or light, vibrant or bright any colour that belongs to spring can be used to décor and enhance your gorgeous hair styling. Overgrown roots hair colouring can provide you with a trendy and chic-ish appearance.

Classy chestnut brown:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring3

This classy hair colour can surely take you to the ninth cloud as the appearance of this colour provides the strong base and standard for your hair styling. Welcome this spring season with hot as hell chestnut brown colour and nail the trend!

Being decent with Red brown:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring4

Red-brown is not common! Yes! Not all of us aware of the fact that how exactly red-brown look like and its aspects. But, honestly speaking, if you consider yourself a not-so obsessed with fashion then go for the red-brown colour.

Fantastic and flattering mermaid colour:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring5

Yes, there are thousands of girls who could die to have this sexy and pompous colour. Indeed, once you’re done with mermaid colour, guys would flatter upon you and unfortunately, few of your friends might jealous of you.

Sexy soft black:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring6

Though, some of us are blessed with jet black! Thank God! But, it’s recommended, especially to go for soft black and it would not be an instant switch for you moreover, you’d find it easy to merge with your overall look. Luckily, if you’re blessed with curly hairs then you would love to try these curly hairstyles.

Don’t forget Strawberry blonde:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring7

Ahan! How could we forget to mention yummy strawberry blonde colour! Bae, you can go deadly wild on the streets and symbolize this spring with your new strawberry blonde colour! Go for it without giving a second thought.

Welcome spring with rainbow colouring:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring8

Seriously, rainbow colouring is a set of colours and this really needs courage and strong heart, but if you’re certain about getting the rainbow inspired colour then go ahead! And it’s guaranteed that nothing would be more beautiful than your brand new hair-colouring.

All-time favourite Ombre inspiration:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring9

Ombre hair-coloring has placed a benchmark for other colouring ideas and styling! From a teen to adult woman all of them are insanely mad behind this heart-throbbing colour and that’s why it’s called ombre inspiration.

Baby lights for first timers:

Must-try Hair Color Ideas for spring10

Hey girl! Is that your first time? Have you not treated your hair colouring? Then, technically and as per hair stylists, it’s recommended to you to go for baby lights as it would be easy for you to accept and manage with the new coloured hair and it would take time your hair also to get set with the colours as well.

Babes, you can welcome and celebrate this spring season with a new mood and springy styling! Go ahead and symbolize spring with must-try hair colour ideas for spring. Do drop us your feedback about the hair colouring and ideas that you have!




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