10 Life-changing Makeup Hacks that Every Women Needs to Know

Either a woman would make men roll around and loose mind with merely a single look and perfectly dressed attire or they would do it in excess making everyone puke. Makeup is the thing that decides whether you are going to be attractive or force of repulsion will push people away. Thousands of jokes are women bashing especially about their make-up!

Running late and concealer not setting up correctly or mascara ruining it all over and over is everyday story and THIS HAS TO CHANGE! Yes, no matter how old you are but by doing a bit of make-up hacks you can amazingly get ready to nail the looks. Isn’t that you always wander for the ideas or hacks so as to gain yourself a crispy and redefining look (yeah, and once you get the idea, you won’t share it with anyone) Nail art, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara hacks are what do the best for every girl and women. For the sake of your make-up and killer-hot look, pay attention to the 10 intelligent and life-changing makeup hacks that every women needs to know.

Makeup Hacks that Every Women Needs to Know

Let your lipstick stay longer!

Well, it’s about lipstick! In order to flaunt the lipstick making your lips curvy you got to put one coat of lipstick and set the tissue paper on lips. Now, dust the translucent powder with brush slowly slowly so as to set the color hence lipstick will stay longer.

Spoon hack for applying mascara:

You may find yourself confused while applying mascara as it needs patience and perfection. But, with a spoon you can do it perfectly and precisely. Put the spoon below eye with its curve out so you can apply mascara safely.

Contouring with gel pencil:

Contouring can transform your face, seriously! Contouring work must be done on cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and on the center of forehead. You can use dark colored eyebrow gel pencil to spot the regions for contouring.

Nail Polish holder ring:

While make-up work you may look for your mom or sister to assist you all the time but don’t worry gal as long as you got this nail polish holder ring. You can simply hold the nail polish without dropping it and it really helps you putting nail polish faster.

Get rid of fly-aways with toothbrush:

The moment you hustle up for making bun or any other hairstyle, you really feel helpless with flyways and those baby hairs, right? But, with the toothbrush you can change the story in just a minute.

Turn eyeliner pencil into gel:

Yes, as you know eyeliner pencil gives sharp and thin appearance when you apply it but if you need to go beyond something smoky, you can turn it into gel formula. To do so, burn the pencil under the flame for 10-15 seconds and now you can flow it on your eyes.

Make any Eye-Shadow Shade Pop:

Makeup work can truly make your eyes hypnotizing! To bring that intensity and edgy colors, use the white liner to cover up your eyelid so you can make sheer eye-shadow look more colorful and attractive. The fact is- white liner will enhance eye-shadow shade so as to pop it out against skin.

Don’t forget to draw cat-eye first:

Yes, the cat-eye! Sexy and inviting eyes are with well-shaped cat-eye work. Whatever you’re going to do on bros, eyes or the area around it, make sure to draw the cat-eye first as it will be easier for you to the rest of make-up work.

Eyelash glue to fake lashes:

It’s absolutely fine to use false lashes as far as it’s about your sexy doe-eyes. Indeed it’s fake but has to be look real and suitable on your face, therefore, before using fake lashes, you need to apply the glue with bobby pin. Hold on for few seconds so the glue get cling with it.

Hide puffy eyes with making a triangle with cover-up:

Shit happens! Dark circles and puffy eyes might get you feel low but you can hide them and make your eyes look fresh and healthy. Make sure to apply the concealer creating triangle base.
This will lift up your face skin since it’s the brightest area under your eyes.

Not every time you can hire a make-up artist! And you really crave for those secrets of makeup artists! Don’t worry love! With these tricky Makeup Hacks that Every Women Needs to Know I’m sure your life will become easier. Flaunt it off!



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