7 Secrets to Make Your Hands And Legs Look 10 Year Younger

A study says that our hands and legs age swiftly, if compared to our face. Ageing is a natural process that cannot be escaped, but can be delayed. Ageing of our skin can be delayed if we manage to maintain a healthy body, from both inside and out. We have congregated some secrets to prevent your hands and legs from ageing, to make your hands and legs look 10 year younger. Take a look at these secrets that will help you in delay ageing.


Make Your Hands And Legs Look 10 Year Younger

Maintain a Proper Glow

A good cream is very decisive. Choosing the cream wisely will make our hands and legs look up to 10 year younger. Apply a quality moisturizing cream no less than twice in a day and who face the real dry skin issues, must apply it each time they wash their hands. Sunscreen is yet another secret weapon to maintain the glow of your skin. If you are not much of cosmetic person, then going the natural way is also an option for you. Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of milk and 1 tsp of honey to give you a natural moisturizer and cleanser.


Nails Require Squirt Too

Our nails are also a crucial part of our hands and legs. If our nails are not clean, it is not only un-healthy but also gives away a really bad impression to others. Our nails should always have a shine, for which we should rub some cream onto our nails and must also keep a check on our intake of Vitamin E.


Evade Dehydration

Water is the secrets to make our hands and legs look 10 year younger. Our skin needs moisture not just from outside, but inside. If we drink enough water our body maintain a glow and shine in our skin, which will make our hands and legs look younger. The more water you drink, the more it will refresh your skin, keep it clean and glowing.


Avoid Anti-Bacterial Soaps And Lotions

It is really important for us to avoid antibacterial soaps and lotions, instead we should use soaps with aloe vera or olive oil, because they have some essential elements for our skin, which helps the skin glow and can also be used to treat the dead skin skills. Saying “NO” to perfumes also helps. Also, washing hands with mildly warm water but not the hotter one will help you keep the natural protective layer safe.


Need of Scrubs and Masks

Apart from cream, soaps and lotions, our skin needs scrubs and masks too. For these scrubs you don’t need to go out and buy some costly cosmetics, but it can be prepare at home. Most common homemade scrub is a mix of avocado, egg yolk, and lime juice. Scrubs and masks are applied and then left over for 15-20 minutes, so that it can cleanse away all the dirt and tan and helps to get a even tone on the dark toned elbows and knees.


Work Out is The Key

Exercise is another major secrets to make our hands and legs look 10 year younger. Exercise keeps our body in a good shape and makes our hands and legs look healthy and young by not letting any extra fat accumulate on our body.


Know What To Eat and What Not

Seventh secret to make our hands and legs look 10 years younger is in what we eat and drink. It is believed that Red Wine consists of a favorable variety of anti-oxidants that helps in speeding up the cell’s energy production, which helps in preventing the ageing of our skin. We also need to insure that our diet includes fruits, vegetables, oats and herbs; because they help our skin to stay young.


Well, to be frank – age is just a number! While we say that, the ageing shows on our skin! But not anymore, with all these secrets to make your hands and legs look 10 year younger. So start adopting these in your everyday life soon and let your oldie friends just get jealous of you and think why they are growing older day by day while you still look young. *Wink*!




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