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One of the most controversial subjects, particularly in sports is the use of steroids. Many athletes have been sanctioned, fined and even jailed because of their illegal use of it. There are some sports arenas, like bodybuilding where steroids have become more and more prevalent. Steroids are actually organic compounds that can affect your strength, muscle mass, and body structure. What experts are saying is that steroids also affect your mind in a negative way and should not be used. This article will delve into the question of is steroid use worth it?

Is Taking Steroids Worth It

Toxic To Your Liver And Other Side Effects

One of the most glaring problems with taking anabolic steroids is that it is poisonous to your liver. Some of the functions of your liver in your body include food metabolism, waste removal, energy storage, supporting your immune system, detoxifying your body and producing needed chemicals in your body. When your liver is damaged through the use of steroids, your body begins to break down. The use of steroids can lead to liver disease which can be fatal. Because of this and other side effects, there are many experts who believe that using steroids isn’t worth it. Some of the other side effects after using steroids include blurred vision, cataracts or glaucoma, easy bruising of the skin, difficulty sleeping, increased appetite, and weight gain.

Is It Worth Your Hair Falling Out?

One of the things that experts have determined with the use of certain type steroids is that it increases the chance of your hair falling out. The two steroids Winstrol and Anavar convert a man’s testosterone into another substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which debilitates your hair follicles from growing. Eventually, there is no new hair growth and your old hair follicles begin to fall out due to age, weather and other conditions. You are eventually left with male patterned baldness due to steroid use.

Deadly Road Rage

Steroids actually have the effect of putting your body’s hormones out of balance. When this occurs, you will not be able to easily control your mental and/or emotional capacities which can lead to some very dangerous situations. One of these issues is dramatically losing your temper while driving. The use of steroids has been shown by experts to commonly lead to road rage. You will get upset over anything, no matter how minimal it may seem to others. Your body’s inner emotions are heightened to the point where any distraction will become disturbing for you.

Lowered Sex Drive And Erectile Dysfunction

Because steroids cause hormonal chemical changes within your body, there are many serious imbalances going on inside that are actually hurting your body. Two of these changes due to hormonal chemical imbalance is a lowered sex drive and the inability to have an erection. When a man is not able to intimately please his woman in bed, then it is not only a problem for him, but for her as well. Steroids have been shown to significantly lower your sex drive and take away the pleasure of having sex or being intimate with that special someone.

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Developing Back Acne And Other Skin Diseases

Taking away your skin’s PH balance is something that is done by the use of steroids. And when your skin loses its natural balance, then acne and other skin diseases will occur. This can lead to rashes, severe itching and even an expensive trip to the doctor to get ointments or creams to resolve the issue. The more out of balance your skin becomes from the constant use of steroids, the more likely that you will suffer from one or more of these skin diseases. Experts have shown that back acne is very common amongst those who consistently use steroids.

Going Through A Withdrawal Period

As you begin to take steroids and then try to come off of them, your body will begin going through what is called a withdrawal period. The steroid Clenbuterol, in particular, has been known to give a person using it severe shakes and profuse sweating. This is a dangerous situation as it tells you that your heart rate is being elevated. Because of these shakes as they are called, you have significantly increased your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Larger Than Normal Internal Organs

Have you ever wondered after taking steroids, why your body blows up like an inflatable doll? What experts have shown is that the blow up on the outside of your body to a sometimes abnormal size is created by your internal organs growing and getting larger to handle the extra added weight. Enlarged organs are never a good thing and can do damage to your body over time. Your organs like your heart, lungs and of course the liver, which are all vital organs do not understand the organic compound of steroids that you are putting into your body. They are now trying to defend what it sees as a serious threat to your body’s natural ability to function. Enlarged organs are those that have deteriorated and unable to function properly, due to steroid use.

These are some of the most dangerous things that can come from steroid use. If you are a bodybuilder or professional athlete thinking about using steroids to prepare for a show or game, you will also need to think about the long term negative effects that steroid use can have on your body. Trying alternative methods for helping you to gain muscle mass can be accomplished by hiring an expert trainer who can help you work on target areas that will give you similar results. In addition to obtaining a trainer for target areas, exercise, shakes and healthy foods can also be a part of your alternative daily exercise regimen for best results.



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