Make it New; Insanely Creative Old Denim Reuse Hacks

Do you have any idea how much money you waste in buying a new ripped jeans pant? Let me tell you; A LOT! Babe, you gotta be smarter and save money if you really want that Coco Chanel Lipstick in your wardrobe! Making an old denim pant new in an all new style is just so much creative. Be intelligent and be classy. You have got a lot to redefine the phrase “Beauty with Brains” in a whole new classic way. Insanely Creative Old Denim Reuse Hacks to save a lot of money and money means all of those Mac and Coco Chanel and Louboutin and what not in your wardrobe.

Insanely Creative Old Denim Reuse Hacks

Inspire the Aztec with Bleaching


The over obsession for the classic Aztec designs and stunning wardrobe pieces that rule your heart is now gonna be yours. The stylishly patterned shapes and lines and spirals and curves attract the soul so much. How about making one by simply dipping the part of denim pant you want in lighter shade? Follow the step by simply inking the denim pant using a nice permanent marker.

Lace Inspo


How about adding something really romantic and creative? You don’t to buy the lace either since you may find the nice laced fabric out of any old dress that you don’t wear anymore. Cut the lacy strip and sew it up at the denim pant’s hem. You may do this to your denim shorts as well. Cutting the hem to certain shape and then carrying on this inspiring DIY is also a great idea.

Print & Paint


Fabric colors works best since they don’t even get washed away easily. Find some really amazing design to style up your denim pant with and look just as new. You may love the splatter art work or simply the heart painted all over the fabric.

Ripped Fashion Denim Hack


Take a blade and do the wonders by simply cutting off the denim where you want it get distressed. Prefer not to put huge cuts as to not look weird but classy.


Yes! One idea just for you fashionistas! You can put a huge cut on the denim pant and then gather some stunning crocheted piece from an old dress and sew it over the ripped portion. You will calmly flaunt the skin and look dapper. Trust me.

Studded Hem DIY


Grab a jeans; roll the cuffs up; start embellishing the cuffs with studs and VOILA! Now; the rhinestones will work when you think to make an outfit ready for party. Or the simple golden studs will look glamorous. Yes glamorous; even the casuals!

DIY Patchwork Denim Outfits!


Get some stunning design that you want to be patched on the denim pant and make it new! Like a star will look stunning. A simple geometric patch will also be the one worth falling for. Just the two different denims in different shades will give one with stunning patched style to try this fall.

Scalloped Denim Shorts


Grab a piece of tailoring chalk and mark a symmetric scallop hem on the denim pant at the length you wish your shorts to be. The shorter; the sexier! And the scallop though will make it look much unique; trust me. Simply cutting of the scallop will add those stunning denim shorts to your wardrobe. You may also be interested in adding the hint of ripped style to the shorts by using the brow plucker and the toothbrush.

Wake that animal of creativity hiding inside of you and go on doing this insanely creative old denim to make the fashion more stylish. Don’t forget to suggest you friends some of your own created and tried amazing ideas of transforming the denim pants making it more stunning than ever. Welcome!





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