How Wasteful is Washing – Tips for Washing your Jeans

Jacamo have recently conducted a survey on the washing habits of men around the UK, or lack of it seems! Of the 1,572 men surveyed, 1 in 20 of them responded that they NEVER wash their jeans, from first buy to the inevitable jean tear. 21% responded that they wash them every 2 months and 21% every month.

How Wasteful is Washing – Tips for Washing your Jeans

While this is quite worrying to think about depending on your washing stance and your own jean washing habits there’s a few reasons why washing your jeans less than usual can be beneficial to both the jeans themselves and the environment.


Research has shown that over washing your jeans can be harmful to the material and the environment on larger scales. The average pair of jean washing consumes roughly 3,500 litres of water from manufacture if you wash them once a week for two years. 46% of water consumed happens when you get them home and start washing. That’s a staggering amount, especially if you just throw them in the wash on their own and don’t try to use water efficiently. It’s advised to take full advantage of your washes and ensure that you’re not wasting water. While this is a solid reason not to constantly wash your jeans, it may not be the reason why the 1 in 20 men are never washing their jeans altogether. A good balance is in order, if they’re in a grubby condition, that’s a sign they need to be washed, otherwise you’re good.

Tips for Washing Your Denim Pants –

  • Inside out washing is preferred so as to avoid faster fading of dye.
  • Washing the denim pants with cool water keeps the fabric and colors safe and maintained for a long time. Its time you change the general setting of your washing machine and keep the quality and quantity of water and washing soda under check while washing denim pants.

Check out the infographic for more information on the survey and some tips on how to wash your jeans properly!



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