How to Steal Gigi Hadid’s Wardrobe! (Wink!)

Hey gorgeous! Don’t we all fantasize or idolize a super model since we’re all injected with style and fashion sense? Yes, that’s true! Actually, once we start following any celeb, model or fashion designer we always look forward for their dressing updates and wardrobe. And then you overhear people doing crazy talks about the highest paid model. THE most sexy American baby doll… GIGI HADID! Name one dare head on this earth who doesn’t wanna know her wardrobe and all those glamorous ways to play style!

What it takes a model to be listed in top fifty models? Well, it takes time and lot of hard-work and attitude and shape and hotness and fashionist brains.

How to Steal Gigi Hadid’s Wardrobe

Cropped Hoodie – Perfectly in Shape!

You got the perfect figure and curves? Indeed you must flaunt it and let other bitches jealous of you and guys die for you! This way, you can be simply sexy and classy.

Color-blocks… And her Classy Street Style!

Street fashion is terribly popular now-a-days and while walking on a road wearing sunglasses along with catchy pink and deadly black combo can stand you out of the crowd.

Comfy-Comfy Palazzo!

The moment when you want to feel light and look gorgeous, especially in summer season; Hadid’s styling has lot to assist you about that. And her Style of rolling the ankle-cuffs up is what you must steal.

Shoulder-Off Top!

Rag-inspired staple it is! Yes, Gigi Hadid just made it look remarkable by dropping shoulder off! And that sky blue denim jeans! That’s the best outfits to wear on anytime and anywhere!

One Shoulder Strap Crop-Top + Heels!

Showing off the skin was always her game to rule. This yet another exotic piece from here wardrobe when paired with high heels are not just to raise your height but they do enhance your style and standard and when it’s with something exotic and vibrant, no words can define you!

Casual Tank is a Must – Gigi Says!

Yeah, you can grab this look for the moment when you’re about to shop or heading to hit the streets of New York this summer! Sunglasses and a huge hat would be better to have along with the baggy tank!

All White – Knock’em Off!

Pure whiteness nothing else! Angels fall from heaven on earth- that’s what you would hear from everyone around you once you get yourself into such outfit.

Going Black the Other Day!

Black has its own significant and beauty! And with a black leather pant and black deep neck strappy top and black shoe you can nail the look.

Bomber Jacket + Embellished Straight Little Dress

Yeah and please dont miss out the ankle booties! Complete street style inspiration is launched by Gigi recently. That’s something casual and when you’re in mood of doing nothing but just hangout or walk around in free time. That green jacket is damn cool, seriously!

Denim Short? High Waisted!!!!!

On sunny days, denim shorts and high neck shoes can let you flaunt your sexy legs! Babes, consider this look for your next road trip and add this to your wardrobe right now!

Cropped Trousers

That’s when you’re fed up wearing those fit-slim pants and jeans, let your legs feel light and your skin breath, just in case you want to try something different.

Jeggings – Gyming in Gigi’s Style!

So, do you daily go to the gym or yoga classes? Such pant with white tee will provide you required comfort and moreover, that styling and fashionable touch.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets and jeans are inescapable and one of the most likable combo that you would come across ever. Especially, when you’re about to go somewhere or on a journey, you better have this outfit.

Rompers… Never Miss out the Flawlessness

Have you got any words to describe this adorable and hot, at the same time, rompers look when dared to flaunt skin in deep necks? Long boots and white checks could be all the more reason to stalk Gigi!

Shirt Dress and the Hair going Wild!

Shirt dress never goes out of fashion and it can’t! Bewitching look be yours with ankle boots and hair on a loose flaunting its natural shape is a perfect way to dress with the shirt dress.

Cut-out Dress

Yeah! Sometimes it’s fine to flaunt your sexy cleavage and this hot dress with glamrous belly cut-outs that can make it happen in a wink.

Ladies, following a fashion model and her outfits does not make any sense if you lack that required confidence! Fashiondioxide personally suggests you to feel that comfort and confidence when you copy a desired attire or outfit.  Stay sexy and stay stylish!



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