How to Pick Eyeglasses That Look Good on You

No one believes anymore that eyeglasses make you look too serious or boring. Today more and more people wear glasses as a fashion accessory, looking to be perceived as intelligent and industrious, or sophisticated and cool. The designs, colors, and styles available in stores demonstrate how much the interest in fashionable glasses has grown over the years. But how to choose a pair that looks attractive not just in the store or on the face of a model, but also on your face?  

Read on to learn how to pick eyeglasses that perfectly enhance your features.

Determine Your Face Shape

Before even looking at the offer in online or offline optical shops, go to the mirror and look closely at your face. What shape does your face have? This will tell you which eyeglass style suits you. The most common face shape is oval, for which wide, round eyeglass frames are in the right proportion. If your face is square-shaped, you need narrow, oval eyeglasses that can soften your face’s sharpness. For a round face shape, angular or rectangular eyeglasses provide a good contrast that can make you look thinner.

Pay Attention to Proportion

When choosing eyeglasses, you need to adopt a different mindset than when shopping for sunglasses. Large sunglasses that cover a large part of the face are not just trendy but also important for protecting your eyes and skin from UV exposure. However, things are different with eyeglasses. You don’t want to look as if you’re hiding behind your eyeglasses or to have them always slip to the front of your nose because they’re too big for your face. This is why paying attention to proportion is important. You can easily find small eyeglasses frame styles that fit your face perfectly and look chic.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone can also determine which glasses will emphasize your best features or, on the contrary, neutralize them. There are two main categories of skin tones: warm and cool. A warm skin tone has a yellow or golden cast. If you have a warm complexion, any of the following frame colors will nicely complement your skin: gold, copper, orange, red, or brown shades. Avoid black or white frames. Does your skin have a blueish, white undertone? Then you have a cool complexion, and you should reach for black, silver, or grey frames.

Last Tip

Besides colors and styles, it’s important to look at the frame material, which has an impact on the durability and lightness of the eyeglasses, but it can also contribute to your overall look. Plastic frames are cost-effective and lightweight. They come in a variety of colors but break relatively easily. The colors also tend to fade in time. Not only that metal frames are more durable, but they also look sturdier and more elegant. Depending on your lifestyle, both frame materials can be a great choice.

Whether your ophthalmologist has recently prescribed you eyeglasses or you want an upgrade from your previous pair, use the tips above to pick eyeglasses that make you look your best.



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