How To Manage Performance Anxiety In A Relationship?

Physical intimacy is probably the way to relax and not get stressed by any means! Sometimes pushing too hard on performance often leads to nervousness or a cautious action that ruins that natural flow, And if it’s with a new partner, curiosity, excitement and desire to satisfy them would bring you on nerves.

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While most men find it taboo to discuss erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety on the bed, it is pretty common. Believe it is not at all a sickness for which you need any treatment. Let’s dive into many more exciting facts about performance anxiety and how to overcome it!

What does performance anxiety mean?

Engaging in a sexual activity needs to be full of fun and flirtatious cuddles to go onboard. But some guys get paranoid about satisfying their girl and abstain from focusing on the reality of relationships. There are also other factors causing erectile dysfunction such as financial glitches, work, relationships, mental sanity or relationship insecurities. And what is more bizarre is that men often rush off to take medications and pills that further cuts down their confidence level down!

How to overcome performance anxiety?

Is there a plan for tonight? Are you excited to the inevitable nerves? Let not fear performance ruin your curiosity as you need not give some award-winning performance. Avoid exerting and pump up your emotions with love and romance to explore new dimensions of your Relationship. Again we mark, it is normal, and there is no point hammering your minds to get this treated.

Do you know that research suggests erectile dysfunction of being a psychological stigma? Yes, you get that right, and also, we do not say that there cannot be absolutely any physical issues. But 95% of the times, men dealing with performance anxiety often fear premature ejaculation leading to such dysfunction.  

So, you are not perhaps the only one struggling with this concern!

There are several medications like Sildenafil that are available in the market that can easily resolve the issue. But before that, you should gather the deep-down knowledge of “Why it’s happening“. Let’s find more ways to tackle this limp of anxiety and gear up to get back in the game!

Symptoms of performance anxiety!

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Interpretation of performance anxiety might vary from person to person. It is a subjective matter, and every man has some fears that overcome that desire and fantasies. Here are the things that help in figuring out your problem:

  • Fear of not being able to resist till end simply erectile dysfunction.
  • Trying to adapt too much diversity to fake your charisma!
  • Premature ejaculation is another common symptom that leads to performance anxiety in your partner.
  • Mostly, young men tend to suffer from ED as they struggle to manage the work stress and cannot cope with the relationship pressure simultaneously.
  • The superficial fantasy of being a stud who has irrational demand of lasting for hours to appear calm, But this can make you feel frustrated at the end.
  • Low curb for sex is also a symptom that you develop due to the inability to face or tackle performance anxiety.

Other medical symptoms to look out for are:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic illness
  • Smoking
  • Colon cancer surgeries
  • Prostate surgery
  • Alcohol addiction

The mind taking troll on possible negative sexual experiences can lead to performance anxiety. Flush out all the negativity from your mind and concentrate on it with a positive mindset.

Reasons to face performance anxiety are:

Past experience: If you fail once in a test does not necessarily mean that you will score poorly every time. Live the moments and do not anticipate much about the probabilities.

The pressure of satisfying partner: If it is the parameter to judge your compatibility with the partner, then better stay away from such relations. Annoyingly, erectile dysfunction often gets associated with a vague problem in genetics which is absurd.

Physical Appearance: Pre-Perception about your look play a significant role in performance anxiety. Body image is a matter of self-esteem, and you need to feel regular about it. Even if you are not appropriately sculpted, there will be no harm in it! Quell away from those feelings and grab the moment in your favour!

Life stress: Physical relations cannot be mechanical, and nor can it happen under a vacuum. Any type of stress about the Relationship, work or financial issues can result in performance anxiety.

Other ongoing treatments: Your performance anxiety can also result from anti-depressants, tranquilizers, drugs for chronic illness, anti-seizure pills, or even muscle relaxers. All this can hamper the hormonal levels leading to this issue.

How to get over the Performance Anxiety?

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Change your attitude to sex and a few strategies can surely help waive off the symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. Here are the step to follow:

Banish from negativity

Clearing your head from the negativities can be amongst the best stress-busting tactics. Meditate for a while to get familiar with yourself.

Enjoy your space

Sexual intimacy is more about foreplay and less about pushing for penetration! Remember that flattering foreplay can end half your problems by arousing you and your partner together.

Explore ways to balance stress

Your bedroom time is not the time to think about work, finances, and other pressures. Unwind and detach yourself from the busy, chaotic life to get some relaxation and fun. Instead, optimize tools like counseling, meditation, and therapy to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Talk Out

Sometimes, we skip the simplest options to deal with a problem and search for tedious ways. Get a fair opinion about your sexual performance rather than making pre-assumptions. Tell them about your feelings as that’s what good relationships are all about. It is in no way going to make you feel any lesser, man, though!

Go to Doctor

There is no harm in addressing your concern about erectile dysfunction to the doctor and the anxiety you have associated with it. They would undergo a routine physical check-up and perform any blood tests if required to determine exact reasons. After that, they might offer appropriate treatments to solve the underlying issue of performance anxiety. Many psychologists also relate it to mental health and suggest therapies or consultations to deal with it.

Change lifestyle

You can cut down on your smoking habits and switch to a healthier lifestyle for a better version of your physical health. Keep a tab on your eating and drinking habits and follow a good regime to avoid any harmful elements in your body. Maintaining sound physical health is a good option in all cases.

Time For a Wrap-up!

Performance anxiety occurs not just in the bedroom but also in various walks of life. The moment you get cautious or nervous about anything, this anxiety will hit you harder. Tackling it with gratitude is the only way to retain your peace of mind and stay sober! No need to struggle with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety are co-related. And they are normal! It is just the stress which curates your hormones to act weirdly, and you are probably unable to unleash the right side of yourself. You merely need to open up about your feelings and go with the flow for a healthy life!



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