How to Live a Stylish Life Without Harming the Environment

Most of us want to make the world a better place, in any way that we can. However, we often don’t realize that we are harming the environment with everyday things, such as the makeup products we may be using. The makeup industry is a massive one that brings in a lot of money each year, and unfortunately, that means that certain companies are creating large-scale damage to the planet. By buying from these companies and therefore supporting them, you may be unknowingly contributing to these damages. That being said, it can be hard to know how to help, especially if you want to keep living a stylish life. What should you look for? What can you do? If you want to learn more about these issues, this is the post for you.

Use vegan products

Going full vegan isn’t an option for everyone, since many people can’t rely on a solely plant-based diet, due to various reasons. However, everyone can make the switch to vegan makeup brands. It’s a well-known fact that most things that are vegan have a smaller impact on the environment, and that counts for makeup brands too. Just a quick Google search will give you a list of vegan makeup brands. Making this small switch can make a big difference. So, next time you’re shopping for foundation, maybe grab a vegan matte foundation instead of your regular product.

Support cruelty-free makeup brands

There’s no reason for animals to suffer so that we as humans can wear makeup. Besides, hundreds of companies have proven that they can produce high-quality, well-performing makeup products without harming any products, so why not support those companies rather than ones that harm animals during production? It’s quite easy to see which brands are cruelty-free since they usually have some declaration on their packaging. Cruelty-free products are helping to save the planet.

Use products with recyclable packaging

This is another easy change to make and also easy to spot. If a makeup brand uses recyclable packaging, it will likely state that, as well as details about recycling. Not many companies have made the switch to more eco-friendly packaging, so you may need to say goodbye to some of your favorite brands, but you’ll likely find new ones in the process! Plus, wouldn’t you rather have your money go towards a company that focuses on helping the planet rather than destroying it? Next time you’re shopping for a new liquid lipstick, pay attention to the packaging as well as the color.

Support ethical businesses

We’ve touched upon this a bit in this article, but to sum it up: businesses that do good can only continue to do good if they receive support. In the same way, by supporting businesses that do more harm than good, we are only allowing them to continue to harm. You may think that you supporting an ethical business will make no real difference, but if every person made the effort to implement these small, easy changes, the world would be a better place. For more information, click here to view a list of ethical makeup brands.



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