How to Correctly Combine your Neckline and Hairstyle to Look Perfect

Hey ladies! You know our biggest advantage? Whatever we do becomes a trend. Aren’t we so proud to be called the ‘trend setter’? By the way, did you ever wonder, the way you wear your hair has a great effect on how you look. Your hairstyle and the neckline of your dress have a connection to each other, and if worn right, it complements your look perfectly. No one likes hiding the sexy collarbone in an off-shoulder outfit, so a high head bun and a “NO” to flowy wavy hair. How to correctly combine your neckline and hairstyle decides how perfect and flawless you are going to look.Those who think a stylish hairstyle would require a lot of time; you guys couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many easy to do hairstyle that will give you a chic look in no time. This factor totally affects how you accessorize and what makeup style you choose. And I bet, you will not only look stylish but also perfect and younger if you know how to keep this theory about necklines in mind.


How To Correctly Combine Your Neckline And Hairstyle

The V-Shaped Neckline

Wear your hair in large curls, straight down your back, or in a low and loose ponytail with a V-shaped or triangular neckline. A V-shaped neckline seems to make your neck look longer, and your shoulders and face narrower. It is good for people who have an apple-shaped body. It stretches the upper part of your body.

One Shoulder Necklines

Do your hair in a side swept up-do, so that you do not take the attention away from the one shoulder neckline. You can wear your hair in a low side bun, with a braided fringe to go that extra mile.

The Boat Neckline

Braid your hair, wear it in a knot at the nape of the neck, or wear it in retro style with boat necklines. It makes the face and shoulders look broader and you should wear it, if you have a triangular body shape. You should know how to correctly combine your neckline and hairstyle to look perfect and pretty.

Round Neckline

Layered steps, a tousled hairstyle, or hair that is pinned back looks great with a round neckline. It makes your bust line look bigger, especially if you wear clinch your waist with a belt and your face look softer. It draws attention to the upper part of your body.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Wear your hair sideways in a bun or hanging loose, or get an asymmetrical cut to match the irregular neckline. It makes your shoulder look broader. If you have an upturned triangular body, this is the look for you.

Strapless Necklines

Don’t we all love to flaunt off our collarbones with the go strapless trend? Did you ever thing you could combine this neckline with your hairstyle? Well, you can wear your hair up or down with a strapless neckline. To look sexy and stylish, pile it up on your head and show more skin. If you want to go the conservative route, just wear it down in free flowing curls.

Heart Shaped Neckline

You can go for the seashell hairstyle or the Malvinas look or a fishtail braid with a heart-shaped neckline. This increases the length of the neck and the upper body, and makes your bust look bigger as well as your shoulders. A rectangular shape or triangular body shape suits this look well.

Halter Neckline

A top knot, the vintage locks or a messed up bob cut is perfect with the halter neckline. If you are short petite type, this is the combination for you. It emphasizes the bust.

Rectangular Neckline

Side-part your hair, wear it in a classic bob or comb it back with a rectangular neckline, which broadens the shoulders and makes your neck look longer. It also brings focus on your bust. Don’t wear this if you have a square-shaped face. Maybe these easy-peasy hairstyles will make your attire the next big thing.

Draped Neckline

A French twist, a braided ponytail or twisted up hair looks good with a draped neckline. It makes your bust look bigger and your neck longer. If you have broad hips, it balances your look. Don’t wear this style if you are overweight.

Shoulder Neckline

Retro waves, a side ponytail, or hair held back with a hair band is good for the shoulder neckline. It is a good look for tall and thin ladies. It increases your shoulder size but if you have narrow hips, avoid this look.


A topknot or horsetail or a double ponytail look good with a turtleneck. It makes your face look rounder and your bust look bigger. It also reduces the length of your neck.

Keyhole Neckline

Carefully careless pinned back locks, a fringe with a braid or a bun goes well with a keyhole neckline. It makes you look provocative with a large bust. Try this out for your next upcoming party!

High Necklines

For high necklines that circle the base of your neck, wear your hair at chin length and blow-dry it for some bounce. If you have longer hair, you can wear it up with a center parting or a side parting, or no parting. Take a section of your front locks and curl it, then let it all over your face for some added appeal.

Once you know how to correctly combine your neckline and hairstyle to look perfect, you can focus on the other aspects of dressing up and just kill it with looks. There will be no stopping you! So now that you know so many various ways to correctly combine your neckline and hairstyle to look perfect, which one are you’re trying today?





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