How to Choose Dress Pants for Women

Well, you tend to concentrate on upper body garments so much that you forget a woman’s dress pants can either make or break the whole fashion style. Other than taking the right measurements, what else do you consider when shopping for dress pants for women?

You also have an option to go with full customized tailoring, but that can be quite expensive depending on fabric and brand. Let’s stick to the basic and average routine of a corporate lady who will go out on a weekend shopping.


How To Choose Dress Pants For Women

To get the best dress pant, that will own your body’s shape and figure, here are a few tips for you:

  • Zipper fly or button?

In as much as this choice may look aesthetic, do not overlook it in any sense. Different people have a varying degree of comfort when they rock zipper fly or button. Moreover, it would be best if you chose a closing style that gives you convenience. Buttons tend to be more convenient when you want to fix a broken clasp. As for zipper fly, you cannot fix without the help of a tailor. Also, you need to consider your waist size. If you have such a large waist, then buttons should do for you as they are rigid and sturdy. On the other hand, it may just be a matter of taste and preference when choosing what goes well with you.

  • Plain or pleated?

Well, do you need uniformity or comfort? If you are more into consistency, then you should choose a pleated pant, which of course, has pressed lines around the legs. On the other hand, just like the name suggests, plain pants have fabric uniformity around the legs. Depending on taste and preference, either type may look classy and elegant for different people.

  • Do you need pockets?

Some pants have pockets while some don’t have at all. So what do you prefer? If you go for pants with pockets, then you should know that there are different types of pockets. For instance, you may need a rear pocket to slide in your badge during lunch breaks or after office hours. Also, the side and front pockets may be necessary for essential stuff, such as car keys. In other words, chose a pant with a pocket design that reflects your needs and preference.

  • Type of fabric

There are millions of fabric designs, and designers will keep coming with much more in the new feature. However, you must know that fabric types will have different price tags. For instance, a high-quality fabric will obviously cost more money than a low-quality fabric. If you are looking for durability and expensive taste, then you should consider choosing woolen fabric. Moreover, you can go for polyester fabric if you are looking into an affordable option. In between expensive and affordable, there are customized fabrics like rayon that are crafted to meet specific features such as softness and durability.

  • Color

So, is there a perfect color for a woman’s dress pants? Many factors will come into play when choosing the right color. Mostly, you’ll go shopping for dress pants if you want to update your formal workwear. The most preferred office colors include black, grey, charcoal, and navy. If you are getting a dress for events or a date, then you should think of checking on brighter colors that speak the same language as the event’s theme.

  • Are you straining budget-wise?

Finally, when shopping, you don’t have to strain budget-wise at all. Remember, your mood will affect the decisions that you make a lot, and if you are in a terrible mood of constant fear, you may end up getting the wrong stuff. So, save up until you have the right amount of money to spoil on a shopping spree!



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