How Leather Jackets Are Made

What is the most loved apparel in the winter? Of course, the leather jacket! It makes your outfit look glamorous and sassy! Moreover, it gives you a badass look along with providing you the warmth. If you take care of your leather jacket, we bet it would last a decade or two! In addition, for those who love it and are keen to keep it, it may last a lifetime! Have you ever wondered how this incredible piece of clothing is actually made? Of course, you must have found it beneficial but we bet you don’t know the process! Do you want to know How Leather Jackets Are Made? Well, we are here to tell you about it! In addition, here are Trending Coachella Outfits Ideas to Steal Right Now.


How Leather Jackets Are Made

Do you know how did leather jackets rise to popularity?

Do you think that leather jackets are just a trend in the modern world? If you do then you are wrong! It is roughly estimated that the use of leather was done back in the Stone Age. Back then there were no garments as we have now, however, the man knew he needs some substance to cover himself to be protected from the changing environment. Therefore, they used hides of and leather was their holding material. Later, these leather straps use to harden and become useless so man found out a way to make it last longer and make t flexible by rubbing it with animal fat and clean it with stone. It is believed that doing this he came to know about the various preservation methods!

Jumping to the medieval ages, Europe was introduced to leather made out of goatskin. Moor was the one who did it! Until then, it was clear to the human race that they had to use animal skin for making garments because the human skin was not that sustainable! Renaissance had already taken into action and traders spread the newfound technology all over the world!

From then on, the leather had gained popularity and demand. By the middle of the 20th century, it was used by almost everyone from cowboys to motorcyclists and army men! Some used it for fashion, while the others for protection! The leather jackets have zippers, and we are sure you will be excited to know more about the zippers as well! Hence here is an article about How Zippers are Made | Raw Materials, Manufacturing and Quality Control!

Raw Materials


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Leather is at the base the skin of an animal! Now, it depends upon you which animal skins are you interested in. it ranges in terms of quality and type as well as the availability of the animal skin. The skin of animals like Antelope, buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin, and cowhide are the most popular skin used to making leather jackets! It is bought from the meat processing plants. In these plants, as the animal is slaughtered, its skin is ripped and preservatives are applied to it. Then it is stored in a refrigerator so that it stays fresh.

Other than this, zippers, thread, lining, seam tape, buttons, and snaps are also required for sewing the material and making it wearable. With this, here is How High Heels Are Made | History, Raw Materials, and Manufacturing!

The Pre-manufacturing Process


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Before the leather jacket can be actually manufactured, it has to undergo the following processes

  • Trim and cleanIn this process, the animal skin is trimmed. It is then sorted according to various factors such as size, weight, and type. Here, it is essential to remove any residue protein form the skin so that no bacterial can dwell upon it. It is then soaked in drums filled withbactericides detergents and of course water. Further, the hair on the skin is removed with chemical solutions and blades and the skin is made hairless. Then it is washed again so that the chemicals applied earlier are removed.
  • Tanning- There are three ways of tanning the skin
    • Vegetable Oil Tanning– Here the skin is soaked in stronger tannic acid for a long time. However, if the skin is soft such as the lambskin then it is soaked for about 12 hours only.
    • Mineral tanning– Although this is faster, however, it changes the color of the skin. Huge drums of alum salt filled solution are fitted with paddles and the skin is soaked in it. This provides a constant agitation to the skin.
    • Oil tanning- In this method fish oil is sprayed in the skin.
  • Washing and drying- After the skins are tanned, it is time to remove off the chemicals and make it all clean. For this, the skins are passed under a bald knife that cuts it into a uniform thickness. It is then placed on the conveyer belt to reach the drying tunnels. Here the skins are stretched on frames to avoid and shrinking of the skin while it dries. They are conditioned here with soap and water and are left to dry. Then they are placed in machines designed to manipulate the leather so that it becomes flexible. Then a final drying of the skin is done in the vacuum drying cabin. Further, they are buffed and dye is applied to it and the skin is ready to go to the factory.

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How Are Leather Jackets Manufactured


  • Designing the jacket– In this phase, the design of the jacket is done. The latest fashion trends and the choice of people according to their age, sex, regions and various other factors is kept in mind in this stage
  • Cutting the fabric– The leather is placed on the table that moves called as spreaders. Even though the technology allows the cutting of leather in multiple layers at a time, it is done layer by layer. A guideline such as a tissue design or marking with the tailor’s chalk helps to cut the fabric.
  • Assembly– The assembly of the jacket is done in parts. First, the front and the back of the jacket are sewed together. The sleeves and the under seams are then stitched and attached to the armholes. Further, the zippers, collars, buttons pockets, etc. are attached to it.
  • Molding and pressing– In this stage, a number of pressing and molding is done. The jacket is exposed to heat and pressed to form into proper shape and size. In addition, the quality of the jacket is attained in this process.

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Quality control


In this section, the jackets are inspected to look for flaws. Here the leather is inspected for marks or cuts or any damage happen to it. The stitches and zippers are checked again and it is made sure that the leather jacket matches the quality requirements. With this, here are DIY Jeans Refashion Techniques and Inspirations to Begin New Trends!

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That’s How Leather Jackets Are Made!  We hope you found this article interesting and enlightening. The thing about leather is that it does not burn easily therefore if you ever wish to check the originality of the leather jacket, just try to burn it with your lighter. With this, here are Stunning Fur Outfits for Fall to Beat the Chill!



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