7 High-Priority Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex

You probably always admire how amazing your friend’s ex is; you kind of feel for her but you can’t take a forward step. You fear, your relationship with your friend will go for a toss or you will be regraded as someone from the queer community. No matter how strange it might sound, some believe that people who date their friend’s ex are homosexual. But trust us, irrespective of what you are – straight, gay or bisexual, you can always date the person you like, even if that means dating your friend’s ex. It’s about your rights, you see! There are, of course, some dos and don’ts to follow. So, check them out here. Just try to be the inspiring person that you are and you will see everything falling in the right place. These Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex are extraordinary.


High-Priority Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex

That Gossip Blunder

Although there are many Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex, this one is a must-follow. Trust us, your friend doesn’t need to know how amazing your sex life with your current partner or their ex is. By blurting everything out about what happens between you and your partner, you will only disappoint your friend. If you value your friendship, then refrain from this foolish act.

Yes, we know it gets tempting to share all your secrets with your best friend but keep your feet out of this area, at least for the sake of your friend’s peace of mind. Got some free time on your hands, then how about you get to know your gonna-be-boyfriend by knowing his characteristics and instincts according to his zodiac. Its way better than gossiping; trust me!

And do you know that a few set of questions can boost the yields of the crop of your relationship and turn it into a healty tree.


Avoid Comparisons

Out of all the Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex, this one is the most important. So, you have to avoid comparing them at all levels. Make them feel special instead! Know some of the cute pick-up lines that might melt your girls heart.


Say ‘No’ To Trash Talks

You had a fight with your friend and you head straight to your love for some advice. So far so fine! Just don’t go beyond that. Don’t start insulting your friend in front of your bae. You might get a patient ear, but not sympathy. Remember, they were once attached to each other. Similarly, avoid belittling your sweetheart in front of your friend, even if their relationship ended on a bad note.


Avoid Being Possessive

Just because your friend and their ex talk, doesn’t mean they are going to be together soon. Give them space. They need time to come fully out of the relationship. And sometimes, you can also provide him some comfort just by saying a few lines, it’ll not only make him feel loved but reflect your believe in him too.


Respect Their Decisions

It’s not necessarily so that your friend and their ex-partner would have a friendly relationship with each other. If they have bitterness in their hearts, they might like to avoid each other’s sight. In such a case, you can’t force your bae to accompany you to a party where their ex/ your friend would be in attendance. Also, it’s stupid to ask your friend to come along if you are going to meet your sweetheart. However they choose to treat each other, you must respect that.


No Spying Please!

This is the worst thing you can do. Just don’t be a spy, no matter what. They have a life, let them live it. If they have to date again, they will do that anyway, you can’t stop that from happening, with any amount of spying.


Decide – Whether To Date Or Not

What made your friend and their ex break up could help you decide on whether to date the latter. Stealing, physical assault, infidelity, threats- if one or more among these was the reason, just steer clear from them.


The above Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex will ensure your friendship with the person, whose ex you are dating, doesn’t turn sour. These are tried and tested tips and will sure help you avoid landing into troubles. I guess, some more tips for a healthy dating relationship won’t do any harm. So, keep your concerns at bay and just take the plunge, without even giving a second thought. It’s one life – live it! And who knows your relationship may grow so strong that you complete one year of togetherness. You might need these stunning gift ideas for anniversary then!



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