6 Hand and Nail Care During Summer for Healthy Hands

Hands and nails say a lot about a person, from their lifestyle choices, work ethics, or age. While those with smooth hands and perfectly manicured fingernails enjoy the benefits of this reality, those with unfavorable extremities opt to keep them hidden.

From working on the job to household chores and seasonal conditions, Hand and Nail Care During Summer requires effort. To achieve hands and nails that radiate the picture of perfect health, there are steps you can take throughout the year, especially during the season when the sun takes its toll.

Hand and Nail Care During Summer


Moisturize, Nourish, Repeat

The skin is quick to lose moisture when not maintained, which is particularly true in the summer. The sun’s harmful UV rays damage the DNA of skin cells, which can make your skin look older, pigmented, or even cause cancer. This is especially true for your hands, which are almost constantly exposed to the sun. Aside from the sun, summer’s pleasure of swimming in an ocean, lake, or chlorinated pool can be very drying for skin as well. To combat this pitfall, use oils and moisturizers often.

Vegetable oils provide nourishment to skin and nails, and if they are fortified with citrus, they retain the moisture that much better. Cuticle balm protects nail beds and allow for new nail cells to generate, too.


Protect Them All Day

Remember how we said your hands are almost always exposed? This makes it super important to wear sunscreen on your hands, just as important as wearing it on your face.

But before you stop there, don’t forget about your nails. Not many people know that countless clear top coats exist for your nails that do the same thing as sunscreen. When you are lathering up in the summer, consider slapping a coat on your nails also.


Drink More Water

It is safe to say that if you hear the importance of drinking more water again, you are going to scream, but it is just a fact that cannot be stressed enough. Water carries nutrients throughout the body and replaces lost water from sweating, an unfortunate downfall of the summer time. The healthy transference of nutrients ensure that skin with sustain elasticity, retain moisture, and that nails will flourish and grow.

Because skin is made up of cells and cells are composed of mostly water, resupplying those cells with further H2O will only contribute to supple skin that looks and feels great.


You Moisturize, Drink Water, and Use Protection…Now What?

If your hands are already showing signs of sun damage or aging you can turn to cosmetic procedures like injectable fillers to reverse that damage. If your hands are not showing any of these signs like age spots, wrinkles, or thinness than just keep protecting them with sunscreen and skincare.

Fillers are popular to receive in the lips but they can also be used in the hands to get rid of signs of aging and make them look younger. If your other efforts have not held up, consider a dermal filler to ensure that your hands and nails look great all year long.


Work from the Inside Out

The exterior is only as good as the interior–any car salesman would tell you that. Your doctor would, too. If you want your hands and nails to look and feel good, you must start by taking care of yourself internally. A diet rich in antioxidants promote collagen production and stimulate circulation. Vitamin C, biotin, beta carotene, zinc, and copper all support skin and nail health as well. Whether you up your multivitamin intake or change your diet, leading a healthy lifestyle will take its toll on your body, in the most positive way possible.


Summer Manicure

You don’t necessarily have to get pretty polish to get your nails manicured but instead must just pay close attention to the length, cuticles, and overall appearance. Just as the warmer weather can be harmful to nails, it can also make them grow rapidly. Keeping the length short will prevent breakage and harmful side effects from that damage, including hang nails, infections, and general pain.


The summer can be a rough time for your hands and nails, but taking care of them means taking care of yourself. So what are you waiting for? Keep your hands and nails safe and beautiful this summer.



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