45 Funny and Scary DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas

The Skeleton Face


Use white organic paint to sketch bones onto black leggings and shirt. Draw your face white and color your eyes with black eyeshadow.



Got toilet paper? Start rolling it all over your body until you’re completely covered. This is one of the craziest Funny and Scary DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas to go for this Halloween.

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Be the Sassy Prom Queen


Mix mascara and water along and use a cotton swab to form dark eyes and tears rolling down your face. Smudge lipstick across your mouth, build your hair raveled with hairspray and add a crown on top of your head. Complete the planning with a promenade queen sash made of paper or old material.

Be The Bloody Mary


Dig up your old prom ensemble and ensure you do not mind staining the dress. Combine red food dye and water into a bucket and dump the solution over your head (we recommend doing this within the shower in order that you do not create a splashed mess).

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is almost here now and it is high time you get your spooky costume. But imagine the fun and flexibility it will allow you to create your own scary Halloween costume right at your home. These Funny and Scary DIY Halloween Costume Ideas will inspire you to make your costumes as creepy and cute as you want. At the same time, it will save you loads of bucks to spend on treats, not to mention the Christmas gifts. So, it is a total win-win!



Your little black dress would come to your rescue this year. Just customize it a bit and add bat wings to the back. Pair up black strappy heels and get scary black smokey eye makeup for the deadlier look.

Hell of an Octopus


Trust me; you would really regret if you threw away that strapless little black dress because merely attaching the octopus’ arms (not real obviously) will make you all ready and stunning for the coming Halloween. Use a good quality fabric glue and sew it from within to add extra security and make your costume last longer.

Be A Fairy


This is one great idea when you are low on budget or looking to save some bucks or feeling too lazy to do something more complicated. Just wear that cute short dress of yours and attach a pair of wings to your back. You can make these wings at your home using wires and sheer paper or cloth easily.

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Put On Your Horns


Create the best devil horns to go with your all-black attire. You will need two plastic glasses, wire, and a hairband. Paint these horns in black or red and be the devil that will scare the little kids away. Wink!

Go Monochrome


Recreate the look of the early days when there used to be no color on the screen for a haunting effect. Just don black attire and paint your skin in white using organic paint. Paint your nails in blood red and let your heels match this color so that the only color in your ensemble will be the color of blood.

Drown Yourself In Blood


Yep, you read that absolutely right. The only difference is that it won’t be real blood. Just wear a white dress that you wouldn’t mind to look not so white once you are done with Halloween this year. Now take a bucket full of water and add red food coloring to it. This is your blood and you need to have a nice bath with it wearing that white dress of yours.

DIY Piñata Costume


If you are in the mood of something fun and colorful then go for this piñata costume. Just buy a cheap dress and tons of crepe paper streamers. Cut the fringe into them and start gluing them to the dress with fabric glue. Tada! You are ready to rock the party in a colorful way.



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