10 Footwear a Lady Must Own to Get Her Wardrobe Ever Ready!

Keeping aside the outfits, we are pretty sure that footwear is a women’s next best friend. They are just endless. Be it any season or occasion women love to wear different footwear which would not only suit them but are also eye-catching. A women’s wardrobe would definitely have a wide variety of footwear. Not so expensive; but there are some attracting footwear that a lady must own in order to complete her awesome shoe collection.


So one would ask herself what can be the different footwear that they must have in their closet? So here I give you the answer to the footwear that a lady must have in her closet.

Footwear a Lady Must Own

Basic Ballet Flats



Keeping it more casual and not preferring high heels could be the ultimate choice of women because comfort is the first choice. You look captivating and the same time it lets your feet rest. Seems you are up for it already!

Nude wedges



Best party footwear- that’s what people call it. The wedge is something that keeps you comfortable all day long. It is the best choice to wear as it would match with you entire attire. Beside that part you can wear in long summer night and beach weddings as well!

Cowboy booties



A short version is the right kind of choice for you. It will go well along with your skinny jeans and dresses. Wearing this adds a little boyish charm which gives your look some rough and who knows you were your boyfriend choice based on this very look.

All-weather boots



It’s raining outside and you are getting late for your office. Now what to wear? This is the right time to answer that. All weather boots the best choice as not only it keeps you comfortable but it comes very handy for cooler and rainy seasons

Classic pumps



For the corporate world you live in or the office meetings- a pair of classic pumps never let you down. It is one of the footwear that a lady must own which gives you a stylish look. Round or pointed tips- As high as low depends on your preference.

Nude heels



Sorry for missing it before but here is the footwear that every lady can have in her closet as it does not belongs to a particular season and you can wear it everywhere. Nude heels are great for evenings and by far lengthening your stems.

Flat sandals



Every outfit demands right footwear. But flat sandals are the ones which could originally be fit with any outfit. When teamed with casual attire they give you a chic look.

Block heels



Blocks heels always look great and are the ongoing fashion trend. Be it a date or an occasion at home; you can prefer different styles and designs you can want to go for and if I am not wrong it is a must.




Menswear is what sometime fashion calls for. If you want to get different from regular look and have more comfort look then you are at the right place. The clean buttoned up look is what it shows. Pair it up with a sexy skirt or a more feminine dress. Believe me it’s worth getting it.

Everyday sandals



That’s why I kept it for last, as the name suggest which you can wear every day. It gives you cooler look and keeps you comfortable all day long. With different colors and great finishing you can end up with a great match.







Women generally lack in selecting the footwear which they should possess. And what they end up is getting the footwear not suitable for them be it for a season or an outfit. So I have given here the wide variety of footwear that a lady must own and now it is in your hand what you prefer wearing. Take care.



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