3 Eyeglasses Shapes that Never Go Out of Style

Glasses make the perfect gentleman with a stately appearance, a sophisticated poise, a sporty flair, or the urbane cool. A few of these pieces of eyewear have withstood the vagaries of taste and styling to come out timeless with iconic shapes. 

The best of these eyeglass shapes come to modern times from the rocking 60s and 70s, and they simply refuse to go away. As they rocked the hippie generation then, they rock the millennials today. We look at three of these amazing shapes from the past that still trend in high fashion.

The classic rectangle glasses 

Rectangular glasses project a professional and classic look, and the shape is universal for both men and women. Styled in black rims, rectangular glasses suit every face shape with individual appeal unique to each wearer. 

Rectangle classes are a style staple for those who seek a distinctly conservative and professional look in a subtle kind of sophisticated way. They have this business-like corporate look that draws attention to the wearer and elicits respect at the same time.

Rectangle classics are also a favorite choice for prescription eyeglasses that serve as both functional and fashion accessories. With a prescription, you can order your rectangles from online vendors and get the glasses in a day. You retain the chic touch of the classic rectangle glasses in prescription lenses, allowing you the sight corrective advantage and great looks in one package. Pick rectangle glasses made with the right material and styled to suit your personality and face type to complete the image you desire.

Rectangle eyeglasses come in multiple frame designs to offer a wider range of style preferences. Your choice depends on your taste, occupation, age, gender, and the personal image you seek to project. You get to choose your frames from trims that include half-rim, semi-rimless, and the thicker and sturdy classic rim to suit all occasions. For a smoother finish, rectangles come in metal frames, while the plastics are sleek, comfortable, and offer more styling options.

Browline or clubmaster eyeglasses

The Browline, also known as Clubmaster frames, have been around since the 1940s, hitting their peak on the fashion scene in the 1950 – 60s. The browlines gained popularity since then, remaining a style staple, always finding their niche in the market. Browlines get their name from the distinctive thick upper portion of the frame closest to the wearer’s brow. This design, made from plastic or acetate, draws attention to and accentuates the wearer’s brow line highlighting the upper facial features. 

The Browline’s vogue style is back with us and causing shockwaves for those who love their eyewear with a touch of a retro throwback. The Clubmaster version carries trendy sunglass lenses in the timeless Browline frames for the fun times outdoors. 

The Clubmasters are crafted to detail with high-end optical hinges, air nose pads, and non-slip temples combined for a snug and secure fit. The sudden popularity of the Browlines with celebrities who are also trendsetters in society has ensured their dominance continues.

The rounded shape of both frame and lens add a nice vintage touch to this classic style bringing it into life every time fashion trends change. Using lightweight and durable corrosion-resistant metal, designers make stylish frames that fit wide faces perfectly without compromising the Browlline’s vintage look. 

If you want your pair made in the quintessential tortoiseshell theme, you will still get stylishly cool Browlines with their unmistakable signature lines. For the daring trendsetters, there are the bold double-bridged, bold, brilliant, and big Browline frames in contrasting colors for a futuristic look.

The wayfarer

The Wayfarer glass frames are the epitome of style and simplicity in eyewear. This all-plastic frame goes a long way back to the 1930s and stands out as the first to blend style and functionality in sunglasses. The Wayfarers were designed as essential fashion accessories back then and still maintain their pedigree in modern times with distinct shapes. Wayfarer’s design theme follows a common line – to match the wearer’s face shape for a snug fit, compliment eyes, hair color, and skin tones.

Wayfarers come in a basic horizontal shape with multiple variations that match oval, round, and square faces. The whole design concept aims at producing a shape and style that will look personalized for any wearer of these timeless frames. 

Wayfarers in cool and warm tones enhance their vibe by accentuating your natural tones and appearing as customized. Modern technology and materials ensure that the Wayfarers retain their classic sturdy look while lightweight in reality.

The Wayfarer frames may have a nerdy look for those who prefer that style and yet can be tweaked to go street for the adventurous. Wearing these iconic frames oversized brings out another dimension to bold fashion and grabs instant attention. The modern design may be a little smaller and more angular than the original, but the basic concept has carried through the years, and its signature look is still unmistakable. 



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