7 Unbelievable Eye Makeup Art Ideas For Festivals – Don’t Blink!

How many of you actually know that with a little talent and colorful makeup technique, you can set an amazing eye makeup art example for others? Fashionable gals! Nowadays, there are many amazing, creative and innovative makeup art designs for your inspiration. And, you will be surprised to know how wonderful they can look on our eyes, yes…eyes! Eye makeup art ideas for Festivals are an excellent option to make your eyes look extra stunning and festivals are a perfect time to get your eye makeup noticed, agree!

Generally, you all love celebrating festivals with your family and friends as each festival have its own significance and leave a lifetime memory for you. Coachella festival fashion comes to your mind as soon as you learn about these eye makeup art ideas, isn’t it? But, this year you can make it even more memorable or special with a unique eye makeup art design.

Here, we present gallery of top 7 creative eye makeup art designs for festivals by different artists that you’ll surely love to copy on your own eyes on different festive occasions.

Eye Makeup Art Ideas For Festivals

Reindeer Eye Art!

Amazing to look at, yes! Christmas is the right time to get this eye mark up art successfully highlighted on your eyes. It’s simple; keep the base light blue and using colorful eye shadows draw bells and stars. Then, just above the lashes draw the picture of reindeer to rock your mood and the atmosphere of Christmas party.

Halloween Eye Makeup Idea!

Are you looking for innovative eye makeup art ideas to make your Halloween festival more scary and weird? Gals! Opt for Halloween eye makeup art design. It’s such a cool idea that you won’t even need a costume. Start from simple Smokey eyes to bats and then move towards the most insane jack skeleton design, we bet these looks will guarantee that you’re the coolest person at the HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Bejeweled Peacock Eye Art!

This mesmerizing blue and green beautiful peacock eye art is the epitome of beauty. Surprisingly, many girls and young ladies are extremely found of getting peacock eye art done on their eyes during Easter time as the peacock feathers are used to decorate churches on Easter and they mirror the theme of the reconstruction of Jesus Christ! Just sparkling a bit of glitter will instantly make your makeup art more dramatic.

Barbie Eyes Makeup Art!

Mommies! This is a great idea to cherish your KIDS on the very special day of their life – ‘Children’s Day’. Barbie’s are not only favorite among girls even boys love them too. Get your eyes painted in a Barbie design using different shadows and add some stones on it for special effects. Moreover, for best results apply lens in your eyes.

Dragon Eye Art!

Have you ever seen a toothless dragon? This is the cutest eye makeup art you can ever try on festivals like – Halloween or any other themed-party! To achieve this design, apply purple eye shadow as base and the dragon with yellow eyes drawn just above eye lashes looks so real that it seems that he has come to live there.

Beauty and the Beast Eye Art!

This eye makeup beautifully captures the picture of a belle in her golden dress. If you want to give a surprise to your beloved on the season of love ‘Valentine Day’ or ‘New Year’s Eve’, what can be the better choice than this design. You can easily feel the magic in the air with one of these stunning eye makeup art ideas for festivals.

 Watermelon Eye Makeup Idea!

Watermelon eye art is a superb choice for all summer festivals such as – Food festival. Have you ever thought that the electrifying red shadow and green eyebrows will give you such a terrifying look that others love to copy instantly? It’s an adorable eye makeup art ideas for festivals.

It’s clear from above examples that – makeup is an amazing form of art that not only make your eyes look beautiful, even the shape of the eyes and the natural curves can also be illustrated in a creative way. Gals! It’s high time to enhance your eye makeup with these interesting eye makeup art ideas for festivals and attractive eye-shadow designs right now and see how these ideas make your eyes look prettier than ever as it’s rightly said by someone that ‘eyes are an ocean in which a girl’s dream is truly reflected’.




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