Exercises & Tips To Get A Great Butt

In 2021, nothing is more popular in the fitness world than a perfectly peachy butt. It’s hard to go a day without seeing the latest celeb belfie online and with bum-centric gyms like ‘Bunda’ being one of the most sought-after spots in LA, the big booty trend seems set to stay. If you want to grow those glutes and have a behind that others bow down to, follow these great exercise and nutrition tips. 

Ramp Up The Exercise

The best way to build up your butt is simply good old-fashioned exercise. There are loads of workouts to target and tone the booty. Compound moves in particular are great as you can target multiple places in one hit. Check out these workout moves that will have you twerking ready in no time.


Squats are key to increasing muscle mass on your butt. Try this move the traditional way or spice it up with a modified version such as sumo squats, single-leg squats, or jump squats.

Glute Bridges 

This move is super simple to perform at home or in the gym. If you have barbells available, rest them across your groin area to add even more impact to the bridge.

Donkey Kicks

Another easy, no-equipment move, donkey kicks are awesome for targeting all three of your glute muscles. If you want to increase effectiveness, point your toes and reach even higher than usual with your legs. 

Kneeling Hinges

Hinges are great for stretching the body but when performed on your knees they’ll also whip your butt into shape! Just make sure you don’t rest your butt on your heels or the move won’t be effective. 

Hip Abductions

A straightforward yet effective move, abductions not only tone your booty, they also strengthen your hips and pelvic floor! Add resistance bands on your calves to make the set really count!


Like squats, there are plenty of variations to this move. Try with dumbbells, or opt for curtsey-lunges. The backward movement of the leg means the gluteus medius gets a good work out too. 

You Are What You Eat

With any strength training or muscle loading, food is just as important as exercise – if not more! Unlike fat burning, you need to be in a slight calorie surplus to pack on the muscle. OF course, protein should be the main focus of your diet. Do not exclude any food groups such as carbs or fat (medical reasons being the exception) as these help to fuel your cells and can help recovery. Add more of the below foods into your diet and watch your booty pop!


Did you know 100g salmon has a whopping 26g of protein? A great option if you’re looking to cut down on your red meat consumption.


Everyone knows steak is packed with protein. Try to limit yourself to 2-3 portions per week as too much red meat can be harmful.


If you don’t eat meat or fish, soybeans have 17g protein per 100g. a great little snack, pop some beans in your bag to eat before the gym

Turkey or chicken breast

These white meats top the charts in protein amounts. Each 100g contains 30g protein. Incorporate into your meals or have a few slices for a snack. 

Flax seeds

Sprinkling just a handful of these fabulous little seeds onto your meals (try over porridge, it’s totally delicious) can boost your protein intake. Just 2 tablespoons provide 4g of protein.

Have Realistic Expectations 

Understand that spot training is not guaranteed to develop your butt. Most celebs with tiny waists, thin legs, and huge backsides have often had a little help and their physique is not down to exercise and diet alone. There are a number of places offering procedures focused on the backside. The classic Brazilian butt lift surgery is increasingly popular, alongside a more quick-fix approach with huge volumes of filler being injected into the butt. This is not the best way to achieve the big booty look when you can easily improve your figure with a little sweat. 

Be patient with your progress, glutes can be slow to show so you’ll be waiting around 8-12 weeks before you see a noticeable difference in the mirror. Also, make sure you don’t overdo your workouts. It’s much more impactful to train less but use heavier weights. If you’re training glutes to muscle failure in your sets you’re doing too much and could end up injuring yourself in the long run or not being able to fuel your workouts properly. 

Are you trying to get some glute gains? Let us know which tips you’ll be trying in the comments! 



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