10 Energizing and Tasty Summer Drinks to make at home

So are you bored of that same boring H2O, it’s the time to change your taste. Get your body and mind energized with some tasty sips. We are here with some cooling down recipes during the harsh heat waves of the sun with just a few pennies. Check out these energizing and tasty summer drink recipes that we have collected for our readers. Sun can be harsh with us, but we can’t be harsh with our body. So it’s a must-read article this summer.

Your fashion needs confidence that these tasty drink will pour into you by making you feel calm all over again.

Energizing and Tasty Summer Drinks

Cranberry-Basil Spritzer:

Packed with a great nutritional value, this beverage can really fulfill your heart. Check out the recipe and take a taste of antioxidants that your body really needs this time. It is not even tough to make this yum energizing drink.

Strawberry Lemonade:

Whenever we think of a summer drink, probably lemonade takes the first position. Yes, it is classic with its taste, but experimentation can even make it more festive. So this time take a taste of this lemonade with a fruity touch with the easy recipe you can check out here.

Sparkling Thyme Lemonade:

Do you know about ‘Thyme’, the evergreen plant that is used for its culinary, ornamental and even medicinal values. We consider it a member of the mint family and there is hardly any substitute of mint to make us fresh. Give your lemonade recipe a hit this summer that has a classic a touch of Thyme to make it more refreshing.

Watermelon Cooler:

It’s hard to exist in summer without this cooler. Probably you are making a mistake, as we are not talking about the ‘Air Cooler’, we are talking about this Watermelon cooler that will cool you in just a sip. A perfect drink for summer parties and even a great choice for children.

Grapefruit Pineapple Soda:

Homemade soda is always the best in our experience. What do you tell? So want to make bubbling soda without any basic effort? Look at this recipe and make out a sweet grapefruit and pineapple soda with a lot of energizing and nutritional features.

Thai Tea:

Slurpy slurpy slurp! Can you think of any other tagline with these lovely drinks? It’s time to taste the Thai Tea if you still haven’t.  The creamy drink that will give you a bag of energy and will keep your body fluids cool. It will take a bit of time to make this drink with this easy-peasy recipe but the taste will make you compromise with that.

Brazilian Lemonade:

It’s really the time to play with your drink recipes. If you have never gone to Brazil, don’t be sad. You can have a taste of that country with its very popular drink ‘The Brazilian Lemonade’. A very creamy and fresh way to keep yourself cool. Try it out!

Coconut Lavender Lemonade:

So are you looking for something herbal in this list? There’s one on number three but this one is more enriched drink for the herbal drink lovers. A great recipe to get sophisticated with your glass of lemonade with a bit touch of ‘lavender’s beauty’ and ‘nature’s liquid’.

Apricot-Raspberry Refresher:

Refresh your taste with this dazzling red drink flavored with apricot and raspberry. What a lovely combination for the fruit lovers. Think of the taste and don’t miss it out. You will be making a big mistake. Check out the recipe here!


No no! don’t bother, this is a non-alcoholic sangria recipe which is very unique and rare direct from the Spanish delicacy to your kitchen. Try out a sip and you will say ‘it’s fruity’, but we say ‘it’s healthy too!’. This refreshing drink loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrition of fruits.

Ahh! What a great relief. Drink, drink and only drink, that’s the only best thing you can do during the summer season to keep yourself fit and healthy. Check out all these exquisite, energizing and tasty summer drinks you can make at home. But before leaving, do have a glimpse of all our other articles on hot and humid summer.



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