8 Effective Workouts and Exercises to Sculpt Inner Thighs

Often people say id god wanted me to be a certain way he would have made me in that way. While this statement holds true for things that you cannot hold like for your height and colors or look, it certainly does not apply to things like your fitness and your physic that you can sculpt. So we say to the lazybones who blame God for everything, “God helps those who help themselves” and if you really want to have a healthy lifestyle, God will show you the path to it. However, for that, you have to get your lazy ass moving!

For the ones who are enthusiastic about workouts, we would want you to know that there is no such thing as spot reduction of fat in your body. If the fat has to go, it will shed equally overall. However, you can always develop muscles that will help you in fat loss and make your body look stunningly sculpted. Now many places hold fat, amongst which the thigh muscle and the abdominal fat are quite stubborn. Therefore, if you want to lose it, here are some Effective Workouts and Exercises to Sculpt Inner Thighs. Moreover, there are yoga poses for joint pains!

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Effective Workouts and Exercises to Sculpt Inner Thighs

Sumo Squats

Do you want to burn out that excessive fat on your inner thigh? Well, this the most basic, easiest and effective exercise that you can do.

To do this at home

  • Stand with your legs wide apart with feet facing outwards.
  • Your posture should be correct so as you don’t have any unnecessary pain due to the wrong
  • The distance should be a little wider than your shoulder level
  • Sit as if you are sitting on a toilet seat and go down until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • You will feel it in your inner thigh the most
  • Do four sets of 25 reps each and see your inner thigh sculpting!
  • For a weighted variation, take a dumbbell and hold it with both your hands. Then do the sumo squats as mentioned above.

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Leg Swings

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One of the effective and easy exercises, legs swings also targets your sides along with the inner thigh.

To do this exercise

  • Stand straight on a non-slippery ground
  • Then raise your left leg left in a sideways direction and swing it all the way to the right.
  • Repeat it for the other as well with a repetition of 30 with each leg in a set.
  • You can use ankle weights with this exercise to maximize the effect.

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Deep Side Lunges

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For that intense burn in your inner thigh lower back, glutes and quads, this exercise is one of the best one to sculpt your lower body. Having said that, it is also one of the most difficult exercises!

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For this exercise

  • Stand in a wide stance with your legs wider than your shoulders
  • Have your feet facing front
  • Now bend down by your knees and keep your body weight on the left leg
  • Keep your stance straight having your chest out and back tight
  • Then shift your weight from left to right.
  • Continue this for 25 times in a set and do 4 sets of it

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Standing Side Leg Raises

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Even though it is similar to the leg swing exercise, it is more of a restrainer as you have to hold your leg’s position so that you don’t swing it. This causes it to have more pressure in your inner thigh thus sculpting it.

For this exercise

  • Hold a chair or take the support of a wall.
  • Push your right leg in the right side way direction and bring it to the initial position. Remember not to swing it.
  • Repeat the same with the other leg as well and do this for 50 reps for four sets for each leg.

Kettlebell Lunges

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When it is a leg day, and even though you hate them, you should not skip them. Lunges have been the legs day necessity since its inception.

For this exercise

  • Widen your stance in the forward
  • Then bend your knees to form a right angle between your thigh and calf and the thigh of the front leg should be parallel to the ground.
  • Your pressure should be applied to the thigh area.
  • Do it with some weights for faster and better results.

On Mat Side Leg Raises

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For this exercise

  • Lie down on a mat on one side
  • Then lift the leg which is on the top and kick it in the air
  • Then bring it down to its initial place
  • Repeat this for about 50 times with each leg to count 200.

This Excercise can also be done using stability balls in the gym!

Inner Thigh Lifts

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Following the above leg stance, fold your knee and keep them aligned with your body

  • Then lift your leg up like you are kicking something with your knee
  • Then bring it down to its initial position
  • Repeat this for four sets with 50 reps in each set for each leg.

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Last but not least, we have scissors in the house to sculpt your thighs!

To do this exercise

  • Lie down flat on a mat
  • Raise your legs and your neck above the ground
  • Then alternatively raise your legs and do this for at least 50 reps in each set for four sets.

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Remember, if you really want to lose fat and get lean, you’ve got to keep your hand off of those junkies that you stuff yourselves. Eating healthy is the foremost crucial thing when it comes to having good physic. No best thing is achieved without great discipline and intensive hard work and if you want to have those thick thighs sculpted, these Effective Workouts and Exercises to Sculpt Inner Thighs are a must for you.



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