Cost-effective online clothes shopping

There are lots of ways to shop for clothes online, making it easy to stay ahead of the latest trends.  However, this ease of shopping can make it tempting to spend more than we should on clothes and accessories.  And some of what we buy never leaves the wardrobe.

Fashion shouldn’t just be about buying lots of cheap clothes, but about dressing in outfits that make us feel good about ourselves. Keeping this belief in mind, will help us make better shopping choices. But what other ways can we make shopping online more cost effective?

Stop before you shop

Before you hit the ‘add to basket’ button again, think about your buying habits. Ask yourself questions. Are you buying something that you need?  How many occasions will the outfit be suitable for?  How will these new items work with your existing wardrobe? 

You want to get as much use out of what you buy as possible.  Fast fashion isn’t always the cost-effective purchase we think it is.

Don’t miss out on discounts

Group of coupon

Offers, sales and discounts happen all the time, so don’t buy clothes as soon as they hit the digital shelves!  However, if you can’t wait for end of season sales, and are keen to keep up with the latest styles, you can still make some savvy moves.  Sign up to brand newsletters and follow their social media accounts.  Often, this is where discounts can be found.  Some companies are happy to offer a 10 or 20% discount, just for signing up to their emails.

Spreading the cost

If you are desperate to pick your new wardrobe now, and haven’t got the finances, you could look to online catalogues with credit.  These frequently give you the freedom to shop now and pay the cost back in installments. But, a word of caution here. Look for interest-free credit otherwise you’ll pay out more in the end.  And don’t think about this option unless you can be strict with your finances and repay on time, every time.

Quality basics and clever accessories

If you’re buying some fundamental wardrobe items, such as jeans, jackets, trousers, or blouses, this is where you should go for quality over quantity.  Spend a bit more, so you’ll get more wear out of them.  Creating new and different looks with your quality basics needs only a few clever items to accessorize your outfit.



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