5 of the Best Commercial Juicer in 2019

Fruits are everywhere, when we go to the market, we see fruits and in different varieties as well. Fruits are the source of many natural vitamins and minerals, nutritionists says that a person can live just by eating fruits alone all his life and don’t have to worry about having any illness for a very long time, they could make a person live until 90 and still look young and healthy like a person in his mid 40s.

But eating alone is not enough. Not all the time you can carry different kinds of fruit with you as they have various scents and they are sometimes messy to eat. But don’t worry though, it doesn’t matter what type of fruit you like, you can always find its counterpart as a juice. Out in the market, there are various companies that produce products of certain fruits in juice form. If you have your own source or you have a source of getting a certain type of fruit or vegetable that is cheap to buy in bulk then maybe putting up a juice business is a good startup for you.

Best Commercial Juicer

The Juice Factory

Many brands are entering the juice industry as it is not only profitable, but it also makes the owners feel that they help people even in a small way. Having customers buy their fresh fruit juice will give them a sense of feeling that they made that person’s health a bit better just by consuming one of their products. Imagine if that person religiously buys their fresh fruit juice, then not only they gained profit and a loyal customer, they also made one of the world’s inhabitants a lot more healthy.

Extracting the juice from a certain fruit or vegetable is not that easy, you have to make sure that all of its vitamins, minerals and nutrients are all preserved, and most fruits don’t just have their minerals inside, some of them have it on their outer skin as well. If you are planning to start a juice business then goodnature.com offers the best juicer equipment known to man. They provide not just the equipment but also the knowledge on how to use them properly and how to maximize them. Check out these awesome juicers and see on how you can start your business with either one of them.

The X-1 Mini Pro

Sounds like the name came out of the matrix doesn’t it? Well this little baby does some matrix moves when you start cracking up that lever! This 30 inch juicer has a capacity of up to 5 lbs. per batch, can produce an amount of 45 to 65 ounces per hour and can fill in a total of 40 to 60 bottles (that’s 12oz per servings) per hour. It has an adaptive pressing system that intelligently adjusts its pressure and speed that makes it produce the perfect product at all times.

The Famous X-1

This is the big daddy of the X-1 mini pro. This elegant piece of equipment stands 67 inches tall and can make your business grow in a hundred mile! With its huge capacity of 25 lbs per batch, it can produce an amount of 20 to 40 gallons per hour and a maximum of 1,000 bottles per day. Not only that it has its own safety features but also can be cleaned easily as the parts can be removed by hand, with this you can make sure that not only you can produce juice in huge numbers, but also you can produce them in different varieties as well. With this power at your side, your juice business will definitely spread like wildfire in your area.

Now We Move to X-6

The X-6 is the next step for you if you think expansion is already calling for it. This beast is carrying six X-1 press bags, making your production six times more than the last. Standing at a height of 84 inches tall and as heavy as 1000 lbs once fully assembled, this piece of equipment can hold a capacity of 480 lbs per hour, and can produce an output of 40 to 100 gallons per hour that could make 3000 bottles per day! Now if you are talking about being huge in your business, this is what I’m talking about. This beauty is the right way to go.

The SX-280

Now we are talking about expansion all day long, but what we have not talked about is getting serious. Sure! It may be rainbows and butterflies while we are having fun expanding the business, seeing it grow and spread all throughout is something really amazing, but this super powered machinery is what it’s all about if you want to take on competitors and spread the business within your country. This sophisticated type of equipment can hold a capacity of 2 to 3 tons per hour, which can make 350 to 450 gallons per hour and that in turn is a total of 2,800 bottles…per hour! Now that is what I call an equipment of the elites.

This Is The Maximizer

Now that is a name that could come out from the Terminator movie and yes! This bad boy can get your juice business to maximum heights and can get your brand nationwide. This monstrosity is standing at a height of 140 inches tall, has a capacity of 9 tons per hour, can provide you with a total amount of 1,500 gallons per hour and can fill up a total of whopping 8,000 bottles and not per day but that number is just for an hour! Now if we want to go all out on our business then this is the right way to go.

The Aftermath

In reality, we always want what is best for everyone, when we help other people it gives us a sense of accomplishment and good feeling. It gives us hope, peace of mind and a lot of time to give our thanks to the one above us all. So pay it forward and don’t expect anything in return.



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