20 Festive Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love This Year

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies! NO? Why not? Just because you didn’t find anyone who would and who you would love doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love! Maybe you are too busy loving yourself than to waste time in finding one. Loving yourself is also a great job. So, you better don’t misjudge by giving that boyfriends and girlfriends drama a huge applause. Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those who aren’t in #Love is probably going to make you feel lucky for having real fun with the self-soulmate this valentine. Make a night with yourself that you remember forever and so do others!


Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love






Tell the World “I am not in Love!”


The amazing text messages with cute looking fonts and classic emoticons like broken heart or loving you and kisses and pouts are going to be your favorite idea. After all, when it comes about trying an all new idea of classic Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love; this inspiration will always be the first.

Danger Skull


Roads have danger signs and that’s what your way to heart is telling boys. “The route is dangerous guys and so you need to stay hell as away as you can!” A base coat in white is a great one to paint the skull on it. Glamorous!

Broken Heart


May be he will break your heart, but it is so safe in your hands! Nail arts could be anything and they can truly express what you feel for valentines! Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love this year is an offbeat idea to flaunt all the happiness when you are in love with yourself.

Hatred Manicure


Love is red and hate is black! If at all you certainly have someone who you hate so much that you even thought of polishing your nail with the tagline that says so. Grab the matte black nail color and use some popping color to paint the text with symbols like broken heart and shooting stars on other nails complimenting the manicure.

Love Me… NOT!


This is a great idea to console when you are in confusion about finding love! Red and black would be both; romantic and non-romantic as well. And hell of a perfect Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love this year.

Broken Pieces Back Together


Yes; there was a time when you would have actually loved someone but unfortunately it didn’t worked. And your heart was then shattered in all the big pieces that you finally placed back together formulating that “Loving yourself was much better idea!”

Whatever I am; but definitely not in Love


Oh! See how wonderfully stylish, happy and beautiful and gorgeous and the adjectives would probably never end (wink!), isn’t it? And all this even exists when you have the guts to feel in love for yourself and celebrate the valentines buying presents and roses and chocolates for yourself.










Celebrating the season of lovers differently isn’t a bad idea. Rather inspiring enough for those are sitting somewhere crying for not finding love. But there comes a time when you too wish to have someone really special that you would buy presents for and trust me; that time will come soon. Why not live the moment of being single rejoicing all around with these classy Anti-Valentine Nails Arts for those Who Aren’t in #Love.






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