A Wallet Chain: Tasteful or Wasteful?

A few years ago, ubiquitous wallets chains could be seen everywhere. Musicians regardless of genre flaunted those items. Their fans did the same. Celebrities, fashion influencers, and regular people couldn’t resist this accessory either. Today, their heyday is in the past but it doesn’t mean wallet chains are dead. On the contrary, their popularity is strong as never before. Just instead of mainstream fashion, wallet chains went back to their roots to found more admirers among the biker community.

A Wallet Chain: Tasteful or Wasteful?

A Bit of History

Bikers and wallet chains are inseparable since the dawn of the motorcycle movement. After a couple of accidents involving lost and forgotten wallets, bikers understood that carrying an unsecured billfold in their pockets is not an option. Instead of putting a wallet into a safer place, they came up with the idea of attaching it to a belt with a chain. First makeshift chains were made of anything, even used motorcycles chains. Bikers even had to pierce holes in their wallets to attach this supplement. With time, motorcycle gear manufacturers created a whole new niche of biker wallets and chains to complement one another.

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Throughout their history, wallet chains have experienced many peaks and valleys. The first peak happened in the 1970s when punks spotted these massive, shiny, and chinking items. They didn’t really need them to guard their wallets, but as intimidating accessories, chains were right on the money. In the 80s, glam rockers had their eyes on metal chains, a decade later these accessories found fans among grunge musicians, while the 2000s made them popular among emos, alternative rockers, hip-hoppers, and their admirers. Over the course of time, these accessories transformed from regular chains to something more sophisticated and fancy, such as this mens wallet chain.

Wallet Chains in the 21 Century

Right now, chains have been experiencing a transition period. On the one hand, you can’t see these items hanging from a belt of every other individual. On the other hand, there is absolutely no hate to chains as a relic of the past. You can still see some people rocking wallet chains and although they won’t make it to the list of fashion gurus, they definitely don’t look laughable.

Are you considering purchasing a wallet chain but are not sure if it is the right choice for you. Well, my friend, I have three arguments for adding this item to your accessory collection:

  1. If you are a biker, or at least you ride a bicycle, this thing is a must. Feeling secure and confident that your wallet is not going anywhere is more important than to be fashionable.
  2. History repeats itself. Right now, chains are not featured in fashion magazines but wait a couple of years and people might go crazy about them again. It’s best to purchase a chain now than overpay when they come back in style again.
  3. Listen to your heart. If you feel like buying a wallet chain, then why should you listen to anyone else besides yourself? Today, we can do whatever we want and nobody has the right to judge us, so go follow your dreams and just be yourself.


Wallet chains are available in various designs, styles, and materials. When you hear the word ‘chain’ you probably envision something metal. In fact, besides steel, silver, and brass items, you can discover a lot of leather chains. So don’t hesitate and go for an accessory that defines your style (and safeguards your wallet simultaneously). By the way, if you are looking for a wallet to make a great ensemble with a chain, make sure to check these wallet buying tips.



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