7 Style Tips for Plus Size Women

More than 50% of American women are a size 14 and up, and recently, plus-size models like Ashley Graham have been making waves in the fashion industry.

Perceptions about beauty standards are changing for the better as more and more celebrities and media outlets are promoting body positivity – no matter what size you are.  

Plus-sized ladies, it’s time to embrace your curves! We’ve collected these seven game-changing tips that will help you accentuate your best assets so that you can flaunt what you have.

1. Try On Different Sizes

Sizes can vary from store to store, which means that the sizes on clothes are really just numbers. When you are shopping for clothes, take your time so that you can find the best fit. If you can’t find anything, try shopping online at a plus size boutique

2. Dress for Your Body Shape

Women’s bodies are all different – not everyone has curves in the same places. Dress according to your body shape so that you can highlight your assets.

Apple Shape

Women with an apple shape tend to have shoulders that are wider than their hips, and a fuller bust and tummy.

If you are apple-shaped, you can create the illusion of a slim waist by drawing attention to your arms, legs, and bust. Vertical lines can also help elongate your body and create a slimmer-looking silhouette.

Pear Shape

Women with a pear-shaped body have narrower shoulders and fuller hips and thighs. Their hips are usually wider than their shoulders, and they have a narrower waist.

Clothes that accent a pear-shaped woman’s narrow waist are the most flattering. A-line dresses, wrap blouses, and straight-cut pants all work well to create the illusion of balance between the upper and lower body.

Hourglass Shape

An hourglass-shaped woman tends to have a well-proportioned upper and lower body – the hips and bust are almost of equal width and the waist is narrow – like an hourglass.

Many styles flatter the hourglass figure. Try fitted clothing, sheath dresses, mermaid dresses, and boot-cut pants to highlight your curves.

Banana Shape

A banana-shaped woman is proportionate at the shoulder, waist, and hips. The banana shape is almost the same as the hourglass shape but differs in the width and definition of the waist.

Because the banana shape is already well-proportioned in the bust and hips, the clothes that look the most flattering are styles that define the waist. Try adding belts, and avoiding clothing that’s too tight or too loose. Pencil and A-line skirts are very flattering. 

3. Define Your Waistline

Highlighting your waist can work miracles because it enhances the smallest part of your body – making you look slimmer and shapelier.

The easiest way to get an instant waist is to wear a waist belt, which will either accentuate your waist or create the illusion that you have one. A waist belt can also flatten your stomach and hide extra fabric from a skirt or a shirt.

4. Don’t Hide Your Curves

Your curves are your greatest asset – don’t hide them with oversized clothes. Baggy clothes can actually make you look bigger than you are. The same is true for clothes that are too tight – they can enlarge your shape and draw attention to every part of your body.

Work with your curves and proportions to highlight your best features. Dressing according to your body shape will help you flaunt your best assets.

5. Add Pops of Color

Never be afraid of adding color to your outfit. Try to add different textures, colors, and fabrics in the same color palette, then add fun pops of color with things like hats, jewelry, handbags, and belts.

While it’s true that monochromatic outfits can be slimming, you needn’t worry about adding color because any color will look great if you are wearing clothes that suit your body shape.  

6. Confidence is Key

The key to feeling good and looking great is confidence. Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you have. Wearing the right clothes will help you accentuate the parts of your body that you love, which is sure to leave you feeling beautiful and confident!

7. Invest in Shapewear

A quality piece of shapewear can do wonders for your figure. It will flatten your tummy, eliminate panty lines, lift your bust, and shape your derrière – giving you a sleeker and slimmer appearance. If you want to look a size smaller in that little black number, invest in a sheer shapewear bodysuit.



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