7 Of The Best Ways to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is something of a modern phenomenon, with the demand for CBD continuously growing each year and new products making their way onto shelves at a staggering rate. Everyone seems to want to get their hands on CBD oils, topicals, and more. What’s so great about CBD, anyway?

CBD is a naturally-occurring compound that is extracted from Cannabis. It’s not THC, so it won’t get you high, but it’s been proven to offer dozens of benefits without any major side-effects, including pain management, appetite stimulation, and even anxiety management.

If you’re thinking about getting into CBD oil, you’ll want to read through this quick guide on how to use it first. There are several ways to use CBD oil in everyday life, so we’ve taken the seven most common and explained them in simple terms. Read on!

Best Ways to Use CBD Oil

1. Tinctures

The most common way people use CBD oil is via a tincture. A tincture basically just goes under the tongue and is absorbed via the blood vessels there. Tinctures come in many flavors, depending on the provider. Companies like Penguin offer some tasty varieties such as mint, citrus, and strawberry. You can also buy “natural” flavor options, which will have an earthy taste.

Tinctures are simple, quick, and work quicker than edibles since they’re not absorbed through digestion. If you want a quick on-the-go option for your CBD oil, this is it! They’re also discreet and come in a convenient dropper bottle for proper dosing.

2. In Your Food/Drinks

With so many flavor options available, you can find oil to blend perfectly in your morning coffee, smoothie, or even as a garnish on your next salad or baked item. CBD cupcakes? Heck yes! When you absorb the oil via digestion, it takes much longer to kick in, but it can also prolong the oil’s effects. Digestion takes hours, which is why some people would rather use a tincture.

That being said, CBD oil isn’t stable enough to replace your cooking oils (like olive or canola) and extreme heat can actually affect the CBD molecules negatively, reducing their potency. The oil is best used as a garnish or additive to a cold dish.

3. Vaping

Some people choose a vape pen to get their CBD dose. The oil is essentially turned into a vapor and inhaled via the lungs. While this isn’t the most popular option for getting a dose of CBD, some providers still offer vape pens as an alternative to capsules and gummies and other options.

How well does vaping work? Considering inhalation delivers whatever you’re putting into your lungs directly to the lungs and then the bloodstream, vaping can produce quick results when performed regularly.

Vape pens also come in various flavor options, with some of the most popular flavors being mint, vanilla, and citrus. 

4. Transdermal Patches

If you’ve ever used a nicotine patch, you know how a transdermal patchworks. Essentially, you’re getting a dose of whatever is in the patch via the derma (skin). This makes for a slow absorption rate and prolonged effects. Transdermal CBD patches aren’t exactly the most popular way to use CBD oil, but they do exist for those that don’t want to vape or ingest their CBD.

Patches aren’t exactly discreet and their effectiveness is up for debate. There aren’t enough of these products available (as well as enough user testimony) to truly determine whether or not they work. Try one out for yourself and let us know below in the comments how it worked out.

5. In Gummies or Edibles

CBD oil-infused gummies and other edibles are some of the most popular ways to take CBD oil. The best CBD gummies are just so tasty and nostalgic, and convenient as well. No one would ever know you were taking CBD-enriched gummies, as they look like regular gummy bears/worms/O’s.

Again, absorbing CBD through the digestive tract will take much longer than via a tincture or inhalation, but it can create longer-lasting effects. There are literally hundreds of CBD gummy options available; it seems to be the latest craze in the CBD space.

There are other edible options available as well, but mostly, candy seems to be the go-to for edibles. You can purchase CBD gummies with up to about 30mg of CBD per gummy, but understand that higher doses usually warrant a higher price as well.

6. Directly on The Skin

Aside from patches, you can get CBD-oil infused shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and creams to apply directly to the skin and hair. Some people trust CBD to make their skin soft and supple, while others claim that it makes their hair healthier and more full. Whether or not this is true is up for debate, but CBD does actually have a positive effect on certain skin conditions like acne.

Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, it can help with pimples and inflamed skin from conditions like eczema. To be clear, CBD is not a cure for any of these ailments but may help alleviate the symptoms.

7. Bath Bombs

If you’ve made a habit of soaking in a hot bath to relax, you probably know all about bath bombs. Bath bombs are a fun way to improve your relaxation in the tub. Let’s be honest, we all love watching the bath bomb fizz and dissolve, but what if you could enhance the experience with CBD oil-infused bath bombs?

Your CBD oil will dissolve into the water and thus be absorbed directly through your skin. You’ll find yourself feeling more relaxed and ready for sleep; especially if you get a “sleep” bath bomb that also includes lavender and chamomile.

CBD Oil Recap

CBD oil is safe, convenient, and effective at relaxing the mind and body. Whichever way you choose to get your CBD oil, always be sure you’re buying from a high-quality provider that uses organic hemp and a state-of-the-art extraction process.



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