3 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nose Job

If there is one thing just about anybody would want to change about their appearance, the nose is the most common. It is the predominant feature on our face and one of the first things people notice about us.

Some people are just self-conscious and don’t realize that nobody really cares about what their nose looks like. But, others have a nose that gives them low self-esteem and they would do just about anything to change how it looks.

Many turn to plastic surgery and get rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. Plastic surgeons these days are able to do cosmetic surgery that looks far more natural than ever before from breast augmentation to facelifts.

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Nose Job

If you are considering a nose job, then read on for a list of the things you should know beforehand.

Have realistic expectations

Even the best cosmetic surgeons are not miracle workers and have to work with what you have. You may have a specific look that you want for your nose that is simply not possible.

When you have your consultation with your surgeon, they will give you a number of options. Go in with an open mind and trust that they will find the right look that is possible for you are given your physiology.

What they won’t do is show you pictures of celebrity noses and ask you to pick one. Before you pick a plastic surgeon to check out their website and do some research such as https://www.spamedica.com.

Set aside recovery time

Though the time to recover from the surgery is not that long, you will need to rest and stay home for a period. Make sure to plan this out and have enough time off from work to stay home and take care of yourself.

Your nose is going to be packed to avoid any post-surgery drip and you will likely also have some slight bruising. Unless you work from home, you likely won’t feel comfortable going to work like that. Not to mention that it will also feel uncomfortable physically.

After any surgery, there is a risk of infection, and staying home will lower that risk. Everybody’s recovery pace is different, but assume that yours will take between a week and ten days and plan accordingly.

Not everybody can get a rhinoplasty

You may have high hopes for your new nose, but the reality is that you may not even qualify for the surgery. As it is an invasive procedure, there are some people who won’t even be able to get the nose job.

You have to be in good overall health and not have any preexisting conditions that would complicate your surgery.

If you have conditions like diabetes, heart disease or you are morbidly obese, then you likely will not be able to get the surgery. There are exceptions, of course, but understand that if you fall into any of these categories that you may be denied.



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