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12 Mandatory Fashion Tips for Women with Small Breasts

12 Mandatory Fashion Tips for Women with Small Breasts

Don’t let the myth that says “a perfect and most ideal figure number is 36-24-36” make you feel too flawed to flaunt the panache and flamboyance. Instead, flaunt what a curvy would think twice to put on – a deep plunging top and the bandeau ones. Are you always worried that you don’t have a


12 So Effective Dressing Tips for Curvy Women

Gone are the days when super skinny ladies were given predilection in the fashion industry. Curvy fashion is thankful to all those ladies out there who embraced their full-figure physique. From Kim Kardashian to Beyoncé, checking out on these popular curvy celebs’ fashion and realizing one thing in common that makes them look gorgeous is


Simple Style Rules followed by Fashion Models now Unrevealed

Though street style remains a cultural obsession, it’s often hard to put a finger on exactly why an outfit works. Models have the ability to make almost anything look good, but the girls celebrated for their style bring something extra to the table. With millions of model images permeating the Internet, and all sorts of chic moments flooding