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25 Ways to Revamp your Average Fashion Wear

25 Ways to Revamp your Average Fashion Wear

It is said that fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel and where you are going! In today’s world, where fashion keeps changing quite frequently, are you always on the verge of falling short of the latest trend’s clothing and accessories! I can quite understand… For me, how much ever I shop,


A Beginners Guide to Understand the Quality of Garments While Purchasing

Remember when you go for shopping with your mother? How she touches the fabric and studies it? Believe me as I say that it’s exactly the way the garments should be bought whether it is an outfit or a bed sheet or any other clothing material. Because you don’t want an unused item lying in


10 Dressing Tips for Plus Size Woman – Hug the Curves

If you are just hesitating to buy that beautiful red gown or those sexy blue denim shorts because you think your body is slightly on the heavier side, then hold on! So what? There are numerous sizes of waist and fitting available in malls, which definitely mean that the stylist has kept you guys in