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More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

Be it oxfords’, derbys’ or brogues’, dress shoes with a unique lacing style add the sexy to your personality and make you look chic and modish. Come to think of it, lacing shoes with unique styles have not been a creation of the modern era as it has been present for quite some time. However

7 Piercing Ideas For Working Women To Look Classy And Fashionable After Work

Piercing is an art that can enhance the look of your body but, getting a piercing done is always a big decision to make, right! In today’s fashionable world, many working women want to get piercings but don’t know exactly where to start. Attention Ladies! Before getting pierced, it’s always important to roughly figure out