8 Sex Positions that Men Secretly Love and Desire in Bed

Men want to have fun in the bedroom. The same old sex positions make them bored and they want to try new ones that keep the spark alive with the partner. Gone are those days when men used to play the lead role while women did not have much say. But today, times have changed in the outer world and even in the bedroom. He might not be telling you that he wants to try something new. Figure it out for yourself and surprise him in bed with things that he always wanted to do. These sex positions that men secretly love will make your man go crazy when you try them with him. You just might have him hooked for life!

Sex Positions that Men Secretly Love

Standing Tiger

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This one makes your man feel really powerful. You get on all fours at the edge of the bed, while your man stands straight up on the floor and enters you. Press your knees together for enhanced pleasure and make him go wild. Making him feel in control is one of those sex positions that men secretly love.

Lazy Boy

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Men often complain about having to do all the work. Well, make him lie back and give him the best climax of his life, by getting on top of him and riding him all the way. Try it this way. Face away from him while you ride him. Not being able to see your face – the hint of the unknown can be a huge turn on for him.

From the top

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For men the whole experience of sex, is a very visual one, along with the touching and feeling, They want to be able to look at your body and see each and every curve. It enhances their pleasure. So keep the lights on and let him enter you on his knees, so that he can watch you while doing it.

Flying Pigeon

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For this one, lie down on the bed on your stomach and spread your hands. Lift your and hold your ankles, while he becomes one with your body. This position turns him on because you look like someone in mid-flight. This is one of those rare sex positions that men secretly love and want to try.7 tips for best relationship advice for building a healthy and strong relationship.

A Teaser

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This one is for the bathtub. Use lots of scented candles for ambiance and lots of bubble bath for that sensuous feeling. Make him lean on the edge of the tub, and touch him all over to get him in the mood. Then sit on his lap and guide him inside you. Press your knees together for better pleasure.

Acrobatic Experience

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Give the classic old missionary position a twist. First, touch and kiss your man all over to get him ready. Then lie down on your back and let him enter you but let your upper body hang from the bed. Keep some pillows on the floor for supporting your head and let it all go.

Doggie Style Variation

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You don’t need to get on all fours. Just lie down on your stomach and lift your backside a little. Let him work out how to enter you in this position. This one guarantees a lot of pleasure for the two of you and a shuddering finale with these sex positions that men secretly love and so will you.

Fifty Five

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This is a cozy and loving position. Snuggle up to each other, then lie down on the bed with your back facing towards him. Let him enter you in this position. It will hit the right spots for you, increase the feeling of pleasure, and make you both reach the end in heightened pleasure. Here are some 15 ways of telling a man you love him.

Sex does not need to happen in the same old boring way. Make it fun trying out these sex positions that men secretly love and surprise the hell out of him giving him immense pleasure and the best sex of life.


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