7 Best Relationship Advice for building a Healthy and Strong Relationship

Relationships are not like fantasy movies where your love will be on the peak even after 2-3 years. Relationship is love between two adults where you understand each other and accept them with their negativeness. It’s really difficult to have a perfect relationship which is away from all the nuisances. But telling your partner how


8 Smart Tips To Keep Your Makeup In Place During Hot Summers

Don’t let today be a waste of makeup! Summer days hot days, Flaunt the best! But when it comes to makeup, it’s not pertinent. It gets all sticky and irritating and let’s down your charisma as well. You endow so much time in putting layers upon layers with the smart Tips To Keep Your Makeup


15 Step-by-Step Smart Ways to Tie a Scarf – That Perfect Fall Outfit

Meet our new magician which can be turned into so many diverse styles and will make you look hot, iridescent, winsome and classy! Welcome to the world of scarves. You have no idea what all you can do with a scarf when spring season is gone away. Do you? A Perfect Fall Outfit is incomplete