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40 New and Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair in 2019

Edgy Pixie:



With an aim to salvage Scarlet Johansson’s uber trendy red carpet look, you just need a blow dryer to help your pixie cut garner the edgy look. Like any other day, run your fingers throw your hair and create the puffiness you need. Spray it with a hair-fixing spray for a careful medium hold, and see the style do its magic.

Copped Fringe Microbob:



We have this hairstyle jotted down to science. This hairstyle may tend to compliment all faces, but let’s face it; it could do wonders for faces without chubby cheeks since the cut wouldn’t appear too substantial.

Copped fringes are in this year, and this is perhaps the best hairstyle to sport them. Take care of your assets with coconut oil in order to get rid of the frizz and to get a playful bounce. Don’t straighten the hair as you’ll spoil the entire look. A simple blow dryer and medium-textured conditioner would do just fine.

Pixie Cut With Side Swept And Longer Fringes:



We have one word for this look – sexy! This hairstyle looks dreamy, flirtatious and sassy at the same time. The longer yet softer fringes are doing a great deal for this pixie cut, and it’s no wonder why.

Pixie With Disconnection:



If you have wavy hair, then drop everything you have and get this enthusiastic cut right away. The wavy lot on the top of your head can be caught playing hard to get with their freestyle, natural and air dried style. Push the waves back, and just run your fingers through to set them loose. Pack away your blow dryers since this hairstyle could definitely live without style drying.

Short Rock And Roll Twist:



As soon as you get out of the shower, roll your hair in a towel and dry them thoroughly. Apply a little bit of curling cream, and blow dry your hair inwards to complete the look. Wear a bright (preferably red) shade of lipstick with this svelte look and a pair of high-waist pants. Rock and roll lives!





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