40 Scary Halloween Nails Art and Polish Designs

Halloween surely is a fun way to bring out the creative as well as the scary side of yours. Be it through home decors or through the costume you choose to flaunt – this day is perfect for experimenting. Are you one of those people who love dressing up in scary costumes and frightening the daylights out of people? Well, don’t just limit yourself to a scary costume – go all the way and have extra fun this Halloween doing up your nails – all kinds of scary Halloween nails art and polish designs that you can try. Try these eye makeup ideas if you too are planning to go out on the festival and keep up the Halloween bash.

Halloween Nails Art and Polish Designs

Cats on your Nails


Have some spooky black cat faces staring out at people from your nails. You can use a bright contrasting color on one half of your nails with the cats on the other half.Here are some patriotic nail arts.

A Tribute to Scream

If you are a fan of the movie Scream, you can have the scary Ghost face mask on your nails alternating with some bloody palm prints. These scary Halloween nails art and polish designs will send chills down the spine.

Icky Looking Nails

To make people go “yuck” at nails that seem to have pustules and boils all over, have the nail artist create an infected looking icky nail art.

Skeletal Nails

Paint your nails in bright purple or black and then have skeletal outlines in white. You can use glow in the dark nail color for extra scary effect. 15 minimalist nail arts ideas to make you absolutely ready for work.

The Spidery Nails

Have thin, creepy spider webs all over your nails to create that perfect Halloween effect. Nothing like these scary Halloween nails art and polish designs to scare people more.

Skulls and Bones

Another scary nail art that you can try for Halloween is to have skulls and bones on some dark nail color. Or you can wear white nail color and create the effect in black.

The Subtle Scary Effect

Instead of in the face nail art, why not try a subtle touch, like tracing the bottoms and tops of your nails with two contrasting colors? It has a creepy effect, believe me!

Bloody Prints on Nails

Make your nails look like something out of a crime scene with bloody fingerprints. Definitely one of those scary Halloween nails art and polish designs that you cannot miss.

As Batty as Nails

Orange nail polish, with bats in black in herds all over your perfectly manicured talons! Quite a Halloween look, don’t you agree?

Two in One

What if you had both skeletons and bats alternating on each finger as nail art? The two most common figures of Halloween, together! Pair it up with a funky color and you are all set. Fun, huh?

The Scary Blood Moon

Is there anything scarier than a blood moon? Have a blood moon as part of your nail art, with the dark sky on the rest of the nails.

From the Grave

Make the deads come to life on your nails itself with glittery nail polish and a graveyard scene. This one will definitely take the cake. And these Halloween makeup ideas will bring many more inspirations to scare the hell outta people around you.

Blood Splatter

Nail art that looks like blood is spattered all over your nails – fresh from a murder scene. That is what Halloween is all about.

Make it Come Together

The top half of the skeleton on one of your fingers and the bottom half of your thumb, and once you bring those fingers together – the picture is revealed. To be extra cool, have some pumpkins and spooky castles on the other fingers.

Splotches of Red on Black

Red and black are a great combination and can have a scary effect if you have splotched of red color on black, with a messy touch. It creates an eerie effect that says volumes.

These scary Halloween nails art and polish designs will make Halloween a hit for you. Flash those nails on Facebook or Instagram to make your friends go wow…which one are you trying out today? Well, trying some glittery makeup won’t be any bad for this most awaited event.



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