10 Dressing Tips for Petite Woman – Style Comes First!


If you think that being short is bad, and then let me tell you this you are dead wrong. So what you don’t have long legs to show off? This doesn’t mean that you can’t make your legs seem taller. Fashion is not just for tall girls; short girls can look equally fashionable. Petite girls or curvy girls or tall girls or skinny girls; fashion could make anyone flatter their fears and look glamorous than anyone else on this planet.






Of course, there are dos and don’ts that make petite girls get scared. Why worry when these Dressing Tips for Petite Woman are nothing out of comfort zone. These dressing tips for a petite woman will be a fun way to transform your wardrobe as well as personality.

Dressing Tips for Petite Woman




Go for Smaller Prints

Print is always in fashion but the trick is to choose your print wisely. Don’t go for larger prints as it will make you look smaller than you are already, which is completely opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. Choose bold colors that have fine detailing, but make sure it is not too overwhelming. Ditch the prints and patterns and the colors that overshadow your frame, stick to the small prints that will make you look adorable. Simple! Isn’t it?




Go all Monochrome

This is one of the greatest dressing tips for petite woman. If you have a petite figure, then monochrome style is for you my lady. This style will not only give you a straighter and taller look but also contrary to various colors outfit, it will make your higher look more appealing.




Looking for cleavage? V-neck is your friend

Showing off a little skin always comes handy for especially short girls, who are looking for some male attention. When it comes to choosing the hot outfit that will make you look hot and taller, go for V-necks. V-neck will give a lengthened appearance and of course will show off that nice cleavage to get some eyes turning. Just follow this tip and see your man falling for you all over again. That’s what you want. Right?




Go for Smart Fit

You are small as it is, don’t put those baggy clothes and make yourself look smaller. When looking dressing tips for petite woman, you will see this tip as one of the most common basically on every list. Body fit outfits are something that petite woman can go for. Show off your curves and if you want to look fashionable and chic, stay away from those loose baggy clothes as much as possible.




Avoid wider belts

This must be one of the best dressing tips for petite woman. If you want to add height to your personality, then ditch those wide, thick belts and switch to thin belts. Thicker belts would flatter your look and spoil that style that you were going for. Whereas, thin belts will accentuate your waist making you look elegant. Agree? I know, you do. Even fashion models are up to help you with their inspiring fashion tips that they use in daily trendy lives they have.




The Right Fit of Your Tops

See those skeletal tops of your shoulder? They must fit your top correctly. So check the shoulder placements before deciding to buy an outfit. If you choose for a top whose plunging shoulders just won’t sit right, then you are ruining the whole idea here.




Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Yes! Stripes are one of the simplest yet stylish dressing tips for petite woman. When looking for striped outfits, make sure you choose vertical stripes and it will elegantly elevate your frame. Horizontal stripes on the other hand will make you look wider and shorter. Remember this!




Ladies, Cuff Those Pants Up

Don’t let your pants bunch up at the bottom; it doesn’t look good on you. Rather here is one of the smartest dressing tips for petite woman, cuff up those pants. It will not only give you a younger look but also make you look taller while showing a little skin under the ankle.




Say “Hi” to high heels

You must have seen this coming, but ladies few extra inches are sometimes all you need to up your height and confidence. Heels will not only give a glamorous look but they will also help you in grabbing male attention.




Stay Confident

This is one of the most important dressing tips for petite woman. No matter if you are taller or shorter, if you have the confidence, you can slay anywhere. Also, when you are confident about your personality, it naturally gives height to your personality.






Wanna look beautiful despite being short? Then don’t worry and just follow these Dressing Tips for Petite Woman! If you have any more informative and tried and experienced gradients that could make your height more flattering, don’t forget to share them down in the comments. And your 5 feet height won’t be an issue any more. It will be something making you and your attires so special from now on.


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