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9 Easy Ways to Tie a Classy Necktie

9 Easy Ways to Tie a Classy Necktie

A well-tied man is the first step to show some commitment in life. Yes, that’s how women look at ties. In fact, even for men, this piece of accessory has always remained one of the most important, especially for formal gatherings. Nobody will be able to disagree with the fact that a tie will always


Dressing For Your Body Shape – Men’s Fashion Guide

It is a radical vogue sin, both men and women are guilty of, we dress according to what’s in trend, rather than what really suits us. Well, we all know what it results to, some terrible outfit that does not fits you perfectly. We often associate women with dressing according to their body shape, as


The Ultimate Fashion Neckline Vocabulary and Styling Guidelines

Who knew that a paradisiacal neckline could enhance your best features? Choosing a right neckline for your dress is the important part of your style statement, it creates a remarkable difference to your outfit. Neckline gets to shape your silhouette, it can either give a fabulously flattering look or frumpy silhouette, unfit look. The reason